Samsung "Galaxy S III" Third party organization on external flame accident external factors and conclusions

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In Ireland in JuneSamsung's smartphone "Galaxy S III" suddenly sparked and an accident occurred that flames upDid. About this accident, the owner explained that "I burned suddenly if I used it without connecting to anything in the car", but when Samsung asked a third-party organization to investigate,There is a cause outside the terminal, not the terminal itselfI got a conclusion. The owner also says that he wishes to cancel "writing to the forum that reported the occurrence of the accident.

An external energy source was the cause for the GALAXY SIII that appeared to have heat-related damage | SAMSUNG TOMORROW Global

The accident reported was that the Galaxy S III used in the car suddenly flames up. Owner dillo 2k10 posted a burned-out photo of Galaxy in a forum called "" and put it in a smartphone holder when using it, the holder did not have a charging function, and connected to something else I was explaining that it was not charging.

Samsung asked the fire department investigator, a third party organization, to investigate this accident. As a result, the Fire Department investigated, "We assert that the energy source that caused the heat is outside the terminal (Galaxy S III)," and "The terminal is not responsible for the fire that occurred this time" I gave a conclusion.

According to the survey, in order to reproduce the appearance like a terminal burned in this fire accident, we found that it is necessary to apply the terminal to microwave.

According to what dillo2k10 posted to newly, friends or acquaintances dropped this Galaxy in the water and seemed to try various things somehow. In that case it was said that the accident occurred as a result of this being caused by the inside of the terminal being damaged whether it was chinned with a microwave oven trying to dry. Galaxy did not have a flaw, but "I did not intentionally thought it was a silly mistake" and "I want to cancel the first posting" I admit my mistake.

The microwave ovenMicrowave heatingHeat it by giving energy to the molecules inside the food and using it for heating other than food is not covered by the warranty. If you dropped the cell phone in the water, let's dry the battery immediately instead of putting it in the microwave oven. Also, please let me know when you know a cell phone of your acquaintance soon ....

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