NOKIA sued iPhone selling Apple as patent infringement as "just riding technological innovation"

It was revealed that NOKIA famous as the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer filed a lawsuit against Apple. The subjects of the complaint will be released from the original model released in 2007 in July "IPhone 3GS"It is said that all iPhones including infringe patents owned by NOKIA.

In addition, NOKIA states in Apple's patent infringement "It attempts a free ride on NOKIA's technological innovation" in a statement.

Details are as below.
Nokia sues Apple in Delaware District Court for infringement of Nokia GSM, UMTS and WLAN patents

According to this release, NOKIA filed an appeal against Apple on October 22, at the time of the United States, against Apple's mobile phone "iPhone" infringing NOKIA's patent against the District Court in Delaware.

The patent that Apple believes infringes makes devices that are compatible with the second generation mobile phone standard "GSM" adopted in Europe, the third generation mobile phone standard "UMTS" and the wireless LAN standard It is related to the basic technology, and all iPhones, including the original iPhone released in 2007, are infringing the patent.

In addition, NOKIA said that it acquired as a result of research and development that spent more than 40 billion euros (about 5.5 trillion yen) over the past 20 years for more than 10,000 patents owned by the company, I strongly condemn the patent infringement "I try to get on the NOKIA's technological innovation".

By the way, about 40 patents held by NOKIA, including those subject to the appeal this time, it seems that license agreement is signed with about 40 mobile device manufacturers.

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