A warrant of 250 million dollars seized from a drug crime organization in Mexico

Previously at GIGAZINEIn the swimming pool, an amount of marijuana was discovered in an amount as small as the end price of 200 million yenStory that,I picked up an underground cave facility that hydroponically cultivates marijuanaHowever, when criminal organizations trading drugs in Mexico were caught, 250 million dollars (about 29.6 billion yen) of funds were confiscated.

And the place where the money was kept was released, but it was a terrible sight. Does that mean that drug crime costs as much?

Details are as follows.
A lot of dollar bills are piled up.

Also on the shelf.

Is it a seized weapon?

I saw it from a different angle.

Is it an investigator? I am counting.

It is in a bundle properly.

Is this suspect?

The shelf is bending with its weight.

Also in a bag.

There are original pictures on the following link.

It's Knuttz - Ever imagined how does does 250 million dollars look like?

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