Lotteria shrimp x crab battle, shrimp burger and newly released crab burger eat comparison

Speaking of Lotteria's popular product is a shrimp burger, but a seafood menu "Kaniburger" that can confront the shrimp burger from the top right has appeared. Followed by "A shrimp x crab battle start!", He bought this crab burger and shrimp burger at Lotteria. Which would be the winner of this battle?

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Lotteria | LOTTERIA "Crab burger" released

I bought it and came back.

Shrimp burger on the left side and crab burger on the right side. On the site of Lotteria, it is a diagram of Ebi chili sand vs. Kani Burger, but I wanted to compare the burgers, so I made it to a shrimp burger.

I put them out of the bag and put them side by side.

Left shrimp, right crab. It is different from the source.

I just opened it. Vegetables that are sandwiched are also different between lettuce and cabbage shreds.

I look up at the crab burger.

Shrimp burger cross section. There is a mass of shrimp.

This is a crab burger. Crab stick meat is used.

One of the editorial staff who ate the crab burger laughed because he said "Somehow taste like a shell", but when I looked it up, I found out Americaine sauce that made the most of the crustacean shell flavor I used it. Because of that, although the crab flavor taste spreads throughout the mouth, I do not get the satisfaction of eating crabs. It is a pity that there is not much texture in spite of having a stick meat at a great price. Horseradish sauce gives a delicately hot spicy taste like a cheesy sandwich. Meanwhile, shrimp burger has only as popular as expected, shrimp 's elegant texture and tartar sauce exquisite matching. In this battle, editorial department, shrimp victory was overwhelming.

The release of crabberger release is below.

~ Laoteria 's shrimp crab battle start ~' Crab burger 'released on January 11! | LOTTERIA News Release

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