While goldfish operates strike II turbo to play against battle, as many as 6000 users are enthusiastic

Thousands of users simultaneously control PokemonOr,Fish play PokemonThe world's largest game specialized live distribution site "TwitchThis time, goldfishStreet fighter II turboAn unexpected project appeared saying to play against.

FishPlayStreetFighter - Twitch

The mechanism for goldfish to play St II is to divide the aquarium shot laterally into 9 × 3, 3 cross key · A · B · X · Y, send button input according to the location of the goldfish It is said to be done. According to the distributor, I was watching the fish playing Pokemon and I thought that the operating system was more suitable for action games than RPG, which was the reason I made it.

Player 1 is Aquarius and there is a habit of plunging into the enemy without attacking.

Black goldfish Robert the Bruce controls player two.

You can check how the goldfish are actually fighting from the movie below.

Fish plays Streetfighter - YouTube

On August 18, 2014 the fight of the battle was cut off and the results of the first day are as follows. On the first day Aquarius won the 61 rd 38 rd defeat. Robert the Bruce frequently uses Ken and Darushim.

On the second day, after a great battle, Robert the Bruce triumphantly won with 78 wins and 76 losses. Of 78 wins, 60 wins were mentioned in Darushim. Robert the Bruce is a very good user of Darushim. On the contrary Aquarius used a lot of gails on this day. Whether we could use waiting guile tactics or not is unknown.

Aquarius and Robert the Bruce are still fighting articles writing, and the total of users who saw two fights has exceeded 180,000 people. Unlike the project where fish plays Pokemon, this time play is crispy so you can watch without getting tired.

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