Boeing acquires patents of 'hug bed' that makes sleep even on airplane seats

The troublesome thing when going on a trip or business trip on an airplane is to take a comfortable sleep with a seat that is not free to use. Especially if it is an economy class seat, it is difficult to find a comfortable sleeping posture even if you fall back to the limit to the limit, whether you face the right or face the left, but the aircraft manufacturerBoeingPatented "Dressing bedThe seat which can also be called is a thing that makes it possible to sleep using the space of "front" that is not so far.

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How you can sit and rest in the bed for a while, you can see if you see the following movie.

Boeing patented cuddle seats for air travel - YouTube

The fact that many people complain is the fact that they can not sleep on long flights of airplanes.

Especially when it is an economy class, I often hear that after a flight I am exhausted and the body is hurting.

Of course, if you tell money to say things, you can get a comfortable space like a business class, but something that does not work quite often.

I tried to solve such dissatisfaction even a little, but Boeing developed and patented "Standing sleep support system in transportation vehicles(Transport Vehicle Upright Sleep Support System) ".

How to use "Dad's Bed" is as follows. Usually it looks like a general seat, but important parts are hidden under the seat.

From the bottom of the seat, take out "Backpack", first stand by on the knees.

Pull out the two straps that are built in the top of the backpack.

Join the metal fittings of the strap to the buckle next to the head of the seat with a "baby".

Next, wake up the back of the backpack and set "Head Cushion". I use this part like a pillow, but the direction is to put my head forward.

Bring your backpack close to your body and go to bed. In the head cushion, there is a hole opened for putting your face, as you can see in the massage bed.

This way you can look your face out of the hole in the cushion, so you do not have to feel breathless during sleep.

Moreover, when attracting the backpack to the body graciously, hitting it on your chest, if you tilt your body forward, the strap connected to the seat will extend with the pin, so that you can not lose your body when you are asleep.

Boeing's aim is to be able to take a pleasant sleep even during a flight if you use the embracing bed in this way.

The image of the backpack that will be the embracing bed looks something like this. Rotate the frame that wears the head cushion around the hinge of "26", and take out the head cushion "20" stored in the "22" fastener and attach it to the frame. In addition to fixing the strap of "14" to the seat, it can also be used as a strap to carry the backpack on the back.

Here is the state when seat is attached. When I go to bed I sleep with my body resting on the backpack "24", but in that case I support the arm support "42" to stabilize the arm and the stabilizer " It is also considered to use such as 40.

In addition, a system to make this notebook PC comfortable by applying this mechanism has been devised. Working on a small table in a narrow plane is accompanied by various inconveniences, but if you have this mechanism, the degree of freedom may be greatly improved.

If such a mechanism is provided, it is also possible to incorporate the mechanism in general backpacks and business bags, so it seems like it is not surprising that bags of 'hug bed compatible model' are released from each bag maker I am getting into it. It may be possible to get a good sleeping environment not only in the airplane but also in the Shinkansen and the bus.

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