Carbon fiber made wallet / iPhone 6 case tickle man's heart etc. Photo review

"Stylish money clip with texture of carbon fiber"RC Fibers selling carbon fiber-based wallets and money clips have sent to the editorial department of GIGAZINE even if they cross over carbon fiber-made Saifu / iPhone 6/6 Plus cases, etc." I made a new work! " So I tried to confirm the confidential deki as "Whoops.

RC Fibers: Carbon fiber products for men.

◆ Carbon Fiber · Money Clip · Wallet "D15"
Assorted boxes arrived from RC Fibers.

I will unpack one at a time as to what is in there. First I tried out a palm-sized box.

Brand logo and brand name on the surface.

As soon as opening it, what was in was Kickstarter solicited investment to bring about productization "D15 Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet". As a wallet made for minimalist, leather card case and carbon fiber made money clip are included as a set.

The card case can store three cards on one side ... ...

It can store up to 5 cards on one side on the other side and another on the other side.

Try putting a card like this.

There are 2 kinds of patterns of money clip. On the left side is a texture pattern peculiar to carbon fibers, the right side is a texture pattern shaped like a hexagon. The size is 6.35 cm × 6.6 cm × 1.27 cm.

I mounted a money clip on a card case and tried a thousand yen bill between them. Because it was made in America, I was worried whether the size of the bill would fit, but the vertical width of the card case and the bill is exactly the same.

You can see that bills do not protrude from the back.

It seems to be nice to put the money clip in from above.

Even if one of the thousand yen bill, five thousand yen bill, one ten thousand yen bill is inserted, it will not protrude from the card case, and Japanese banknotes can be used without problems.

Because it is a compact size that enters into the front pocket of the jeans affordably, it is becoming a wallet perfect for those who do not want to carry a bag like "men have their belongings with wallet, key and cigarettes only".

I did not have a US dollar bank note, but I had a Euro banknote so I caught it. Because we can afford more than Japanese banknotes, it seems good to use as a wallet for traveling abroad.

◆ Carbon Fiber iPhone 6/6 Plus Case "Ethos V"
Subsequently, it is a big black box.

Some iPhone 6 case made of carbon fiber and iPhone 6 Plus case "EthosVIt was included.

The weight of iPhone 6 case is only 13 g in actual measurement.

The iPhone 6 Plus case is 18 g, both of which are considerably lightweight.

I will install it.

When I try to install it on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it looks like this. Case of carbon fiber handle that delivers a simple yet very cool presence. For Carbon Fiber lovers there is nothing we can do about the fascinating appearance.

The side volume button and mute switch can be used without problems.

You can also use the camera and power button without disturbing.

Of course it is OK with the case attached to the charging connector and the earphone jack too.

I brought it in my hand. It is made of light and durable carbon fiber, so it firmly protects iPhone from impact.

Because the case itself is thinner, it is a pleasing point not to lose the thinness of the iPhone 6/6 Plus body.

◆ Leather × Carbon Fiber Wallet "2Fold"
Although it is a carbon fiber which is difficult to bend, it is made of leather on the folding part, wallet "made of carbon fiber on the front and back sides"2 Fold".

Protective vinyl is affixed to the carbon fiber side, so peel off from the peri-pelli. Since vinyl is stitched together with stitches, the probability of missing part is high. If you forcibly pull it, it will hurt the stitch, so it seems better to remove the missing part with tweezers.

When you peel it all off, you will see a beautiful texture of carbon fiber.

Two bill storage and six card wallets for six card storage. The size is 1.27 cm × 12.2 cm × 10.16 cm.

Furthermore, since the back side of the card holder is also vacant, it is also possible to insert a card.

Try putting bills like this. Japanese bills fit perfectly enough to think that they are Japanese made wallets. "To the contrary it is hard to draw out if it is an American bank note?"

I tried putting six cards.

Placed in two with bill + card inserted. While making slim, I felt a sense of luxury to some extent, and there were some editorial staff amazing that "I was looking for a wallet like this!"

I can go back to the back pocket. With smooth carbon fiber on the surface, it was easy to extract the wallet from the pocket.

◆ wooden card case "Fiber"
Discovering the same box as D15, I opened it with "I wonder if it was 6 in all?" ...

Compact card case made of wood rather than carbon fiber "FiberIt was included. When I opened it, I felt a good fragrance of wood, I cut out trees instead of prints, and it was distinctive that each grain was different.

There is a step, but it does not seem to fit anything. It is a size that can store credit cards perfectly, and fixes the card with a black rubber band.

Brand logo on the back side was burned. The size is 5.7 cm x 8.9 cm x 6.35 mm.

Try putting a card like this.

It is also possible to pull out the card without removing the rubber band.

Thickness is slightly thicker than iPhone 6.

It is a size that can be put in the front pocket with plenty, and it seems that even if two can be arranged side by side.

It is also ant to put it in your breast pocket.

The products reviewed this time are on sale on the following page, the price is "D15 Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet" for $ 60 (about 7200 yen)

D15 Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet - RCFibers

"EthosV" iPhone 6 case costs $ 40 (about 4800 yen), iPhone 6 Plus case costs $ 45 (about 5400 yen)

EthosV - Carbon Fiber style iphone 6 case - RCFibers

"2 Fold" is $ 35 (about 4,200 yen)

0.5 x 4.8 x 4

"Fiber" is discounted for a limited time, and at the time of article creation, the list price is $ 30 (about 3600 yen) is 20 dollars (about 2400 yen). As every product will be shipped from the United States, it costs 10 dollars (about 1200 yen) as a separate shipping cost.

Fiber - Wood Wallet for Men - RCFibers

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