"Chromebook 13" which can be purchased for 20,000 yen unit can be operated for 13 hours with battery & Tegra K1 First installed

"Google with Chrome OS"ChromebookFinallyAlso selling in JapanAs it came to be done, as soon as you touch it "enough to surf the net is enough enough"A perfect machine for light usersIt turned out that it was finished in. It is the latest machine of such Chromebook "Chromebook 13"Acer is planning to release it newly, it is possible to operate continuously for 13 hours, realize a long battery life, and furthermore the resolution of the display becomes 1080p making it possible to enjoy various contents with higher definition, while price As usual it has become cheap as from the 20,000 yen level.

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There have been two types of Chromebooks, one with Samsung processor and another with Intel processor, but "Chromebook 13" released from Acer is NVIDIA'sTegra K1It will be the first machine on a Chromebook with Furthermore, "Chromebook 13" means that Tegra K1 will be a machine with longer battery life than any Chromebook currently on sale.

This is "Chromebook 13".

"Chromebook 13" will be sold with 1366 x 768 resolution display models and 1920 x 1080 models, and the low resolution model will be equipped with 16 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM with $ 279 (about 29,000 The 1080p model is sold in 169 dollars (about 30,000 yen) with 16 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM, and a $ 379 (about 39,000 yen) with 32 GB SSD and 4 GB RAM There are 2 patterns of what you load.

"Chromebook 13" is such a notebook PC. By installing Tegra K1, we have succeeded in fanless operation.

Top board

Successfully thinned the thickness of the PC to 18 mm by making fanless. The main unit weight is about 1.5 kilometers, and there are two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port on the side.


The display is 13.3 inches and "Acer Chromebook C720"Equivalent to 1366 × 768 or things of 1920 × 1080 can be selected.

The keyboard is loaded with objects of standard size, and a large track pad is also characteristic.

In addition, NVIDIA which manufactures Tegra K1 which is a processor of "Chromebook 13" has uploaded a movie introducing how "Chromebook 13" works crisply on the official YouTube channel.

Hands-on: The Tegra K1-powered Acer Chromebook 13 - YouTube

"Chromebook 13" is about this size feeling when you hold it.

It is very thin.

Open two websites with "Chromebook 13" ... ...

Further playing music with streaming ......

And multitasking that spreadsheet using spreadsheet in Google Drive, ...

I will go with "Chromebook 13 (left)" and "Chromebook C 720 (right)".

Comparing the two processing speeds, the Chromebook 13 equipped with Tegra K1 shows off overwhelming speed, so even if you use multiple websites and net applications, it can work crisply.

In addition, Acer and NVIDIA comment that the low resolution model allows continuous movement for 13 hours, while the 1080p model will have continuous operation time of about 11 hours.

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