Lenovo announces smartbook soon, with high-performance processor "Tegra" loaded

Personal computer manufacturersHigh-performance mobile terminal "smart book" which dominates price and driving time than netbookAlthough it is scheduled to release, finally it became clear that Lenovo familiar with ThinkPad etc may possibly announce smartbook in the near future.

The NVIDIA made high CPU performance graphics performance "Tegra processorIt seems to be used.

Details are as below.
Lenovo to enter smartbook market, says paper

According to this article, it is said that at the end of September Lenovo reported that it will launch the company 's first "smart book" launch.

NVIDIA's "Tegra processor" that realizes 130 hours of audio playback, 30 hours of HD video playback, 1080p HDMI output, etc. with smartphones, as well as making it possible to play games requiring high-quality and intense high-speed motion Will be installed as a CPU on smartbook made by the company.

In addition, the OS is planned to incorporate attempts such as lightweight, simplification and full redesign of security mechanism such as enabling the web to be used in 2-3 seconds by Google released in July Source OS "Chrome OS"It is said to adopt.

By the way, as for the time when "Chrome OS" actually appears, it is said that Google officially is in the second half of 2010, apparently it is actually installedAs I mentioned earlier, It seems to be based on Google's mobile phone OS "Android" instead of "Chrome OS".

It's a smart book that attracts attention as a competing horse of netbooks, but what kind of model will it be? I am also very concerned about the price.

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