Microsoft tried free browser version "Katan's pioneers" in public

The thing that has been released in Germany in 1995 and boasts a huge popularity of board games until now "Pioneers of Catan"is. A web browser game based on such 'pioneers of cat'Catan AnytimeIt is said that Microsoft has released the beta version for free, so I actually played it.

Catan Anytime
* It seems that the provision of services has ended

To play Catan Anytime you need to create an account using Facebook or email address. I will sign up using the e-mail address this time, so click "EMAIL ADDRESS".

After entering user name, e-mail address and password from the top and clicking "SUBMIT", the account creation is completed.

When the account creation is completed, the following page opens, so click "PLAY" to play Catan Anytime.

At this time Catan Anytime is compatible only with network matchup and requires two or more players other than himself to play. Players can invite via Facebook or email. Since we will invite participants using e-mail this time, click "INVITE VIA EMAIL".

Enter the email address of the user you want to invite and click "NEXT".

After entering the message click "SEND INVITE" to complete the invitation.

As the invited user receives the following e-mail, click the URL in the body and create an account in the same way as above.

When the invited user creates an account, since the user has been added to the preparation screen of the game, click "PLAYER 2" and "PLAYER 3" at the top of the screen.

When the player is added, click "PLAY" to start the game.

Click on the "OKAY" because "victory conditions of Catan Antime is to earn 10 points," such as simple rules are described.

Catan Antime is a game where you compete with points by exploiting the resources acquired from the land to build islands and roads and cities. At Katan's settlers, at the beginning of the game you set up settlements and highways at the intersection of your favorite tiles, but at Cantan Anytime it will be randomly installed. For the moment, click the sun icon at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the sun icon lights the two randomly chosen lands ......

Players with clearing areas adjacent to the land get the resources available from the land. In the board game, I change the dice by choosing the land where resources can be obtained by swinging the dice, but Catan Anytime. In addition, the resources that appear in the game are "BRICK (clay)", "WOOD (wood)", "WOOL (wool)" "WHEAT (wheat)" "ORE (iron)" five.

Next, click on the "hammer" icon to confirm the currently owned resources.

Resources possessed by dark green on the top of the screen. Below that there are buildings such as "ROAD", "SETTLEMENT", "CITY", next to each other the resources necessary for each construction are displayed. If you possess sufficient resources you can build your favorite things from this menu, but there are not enough resources to build because there are few resources to play at the time of play.

We need a lot of resources to build. In addition to acquiring resources from randomly selected land for each turn, you can trade and get resources from other players and banks. To trade, click the necessary thing out of the resources displayed at the top of the screen.

If we pass four resources to the bank, we will exchange for one other resource, but since we do not have more than four resources, we can not trade at present. In this case click "SET TRADES" in the upper right.

Here you can set up a trade to exchange resources owned by you and resources of other players. If you set a trade, you can exchange resources when other players get the resources needed for trading. Double click on the icon of BRICK which is not possessed ... ...

Select the resource you want to trade with BRICK and click Check.

The trade setting is completed with this.

Click "End Turn" to finish the turn. We will acquire resources on turns coming in and build points and build points of building.

Notification will come when other player's turn is over, but nothing is displayed on the screen and no notification e-mail was received. Article writing Currently you need to click on the update icon at the bottom left of the screen to see if it is your turn or not.

Click on the update icon and the solar icon will be displayed in your order. If you click the player icon at the top of the screen ......

You can check the current score that each player possesses.

The score is 1 point for "SETTLEMENT (settlement place)", 2 points for "CITY (city)", 2 points "LONGEST ROAD (longest road)", 2 points "LARGEST ARMY .

Furthermore, clicking the balloon icon on the upper left ... ...

You can check the play history of all players and chat. After entering a message in the box at the bottom of the screen and clicking "SEND", message transmission is completed. If you tell other players the necessary resources by chat, you may trade them.

As I played to a certain extent, four "WHEAT" saved, so I will trade to other resources at the bank. Select "WHEAT" from the trade screen and click "TRADE".

With this I got one "BRICK".

I got "BRICK" so "BUILD ROAD" Click to construct a highway.

Since the highway is displayed on the play screen ......

Move on the map with clicking and drop at the place you want to install.

Click "OKAY" to complete the construction of the highway.

Since I built a highway, I would like to build a city this time, but "Ore" is not enough at all.

However, when you check the trade screen of "Ore", the trade of "Ore" from other players was displayed. Select either and click "TRADE".

The trade is completed, and it gets superb "Ore".

In this way, it is the basic way of playing Catan Anytime, exchanging resources with banks and other players, acquiring new resources, constructing buildings and competing for points. Unlike Catan's pioneers of board games, Catan Anytime has simplified playing methods, while the time required for one game is getting longer, so it seems good to play chillly. Catan Anytime is a beta version, so unstable behavior such as freezing can be seen, but since it is open to the public, we have not only played people who have played the "pioneers of Catan" but also have never played It is also recommended for people.

Since Catan Anytime operates with a web browser compatible with HTML5, it is possible to play from smartphones, but it requires much attention because its behavior is quite chunky.

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