Popular board game 'Pioneers of Catan' becomes AR game with Pokemon GO's Niantic technology

The German-born 'Pioneers of Catan ', who pioneered an uninhabited island discovered during the Age of Discovery and won the most prosperous player, became a huge hit all over the world and was translated into more than 20 languages. It's a board game . In the past, a browser version that can be played for free has also appeared, but it has become clear that it will be newly released for smartphones as an AR game such as 'Pokemon GO ' and ' Dragon Quest Walk'. ..

CATAN – World Explorers

Catan is the latest game to make the jump to AR --The Verge

The name of the AR game version 'Pioneers of Catan' for smartphones seems to be 'CATAN --World Explorers'. According to the official website, 'a large-scale multiplayer AR game that transforms the entire globe into a game (board) of one giant Catan pioneer.' It seems that resources are being collected in cities and landmarks to build villages, and harvesting and transactions are being carried out.

The basic rules are similar to those of the original Catan pioneers, but resources such as bricks, wood, grains, ores and wool need to be explored and collected in the world. Resources seem to be abundant or scarce depending on the region, and it is said that the insufficient resources can be obtained by trading. The trading partner is said to be a 'strategic and interesting in-game character'.

You can build roads, expand settlements, and compete with other players for victory points. You can also team up with friends. In addition to being able to play teams at the local and global levels at the same time, it is also possible to play against friends in custom personal matches. The official website says, 'Aim for the champion of each season and get rewards for the future season!', Suggesting that you can get special items in the game by winning the battle. ..

Foreign media The Verge wrote, 'I'm interested in how the roads and settlements built in the game work. Will they remain permanent like Death Stranding?' I'm wondering if the buildings built in the game will remain in the game forever or will disappear.

In addition, on the overseas bulletin board site Reddit , it is pointed out that 'Javascript included in the HTML of the official site is Niantic's' 'The link destination of the privacy policy page is linked to Niantic's privacy policy page' etc. It has been revealed that the development and operation of 'CATAN --World Explorers' is Niantic such as 'Ingress', 'Pokemon GO', and 'Harry Potter: Wizards Alliance'.

TechCrunch, a tech media company, said Harry Potter: Wizards Alliance, where Niantic is primarily responsible for the backbone of apps such as map engines, networks, and AR technology, and WB Games is responsible for visuals such as game stories, content, art, and animation. He said he was in charge of the aspect, and I speculate that the game was developed with the same division of roles in this 'CATAN --World Explorers'.

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