Is there a possibility that I would like to ask "I do not want Srizarin ..."? Harry Potter's AR game "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" is being developed by Niantic of Pokemon GO

Niantic next to develop popular augmented reality (AR) game applications such as "Pokemon GO" and "Ingress" is Harry Potter's AR game "Harry Potter: Wizards UniteIt was announced that it was.

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Niantic announced that in collaboration with Warner Bros., a new AR application "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" is being developed. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is aiming to exploit the technology that Niantic has cultivated so far, as well as to explore new technologies and game play mechanisms.

Although details about the game are not revealed, "Players learn magic, explore the real areas and cities around the world, fight to find legendary beasts, to defeat powerful enemies It is said that they will team up with other players. "It seems that there are scenes where Pokemon adventures the real world like GO and cooperates with multiple players like a raid battle to fight a powerful enemy .

Although details are unknown at this moment, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite seems to have elements to cooperate with multiple players, so it's like Graffin Doll · Haffle Puff · Raven Claws like Pokemon GO's Varler · Mystic · Instinct - There is also a possibility that there is a team division related to four dormitories called Srizarin. If the dormitory division is done at random by the grouping hat like the original by Harry Potter, Harry may feel the feeling of Harry as saying "I do not want Srizarin ... I do not want Srizarin ...".

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