Began the beta test of the 3D game browser game "TENKI" with the theme of Sangokushi.

Currently, a browser game based on the theme of the Great Navigation "Age of Ocean (Age of Ocean)"Luke Digital Entertainment has developed the theme" Sangokushi "this time"TENKIWe will expand.

A closed beta test is scheduled to be implemented from August 16th, and the tester recruitment is scheduled to start from 15 o'clock on August 2nd.

Main - TENKI dither site

Main visual is like this.

A state where the character status window is displayed on the game main screen. In this screen, you can allocate the points given at the time of level up to the status, cancel the accessories, etc.

This place displayed a bag window. Various items can be stored in the bag. Equipment and items can also be used.

This is where we displayed the game guide window. You can check the content etc. released by level.

I have displayed the event window.

A skill window was displayed. You can earn skills and raise your skill level.

"TENKI" has towns and castles made up of several blocks, and the movement between them will be such a separate screen.

The player got on the vehicle and had a pet.

Gathering of jewelry.

When a certain period of time has elapsed with no operation being performed, the performance started. It seems that battle experiences and skill experiences are available automatically and players can arbitrarily start.

Conversation screen with NPC.

And this is the battle screen. It adopts a turn-based battle using the active bar, and there is no need to think difficult positioning such as enemies.

You can also fight in the state of riding a vehicle.

A maximum of 5 people can join a party to fight, or you can challenge the dungeon.

This is a siege game. If you destroy the castle gate within a certain time, the victory of the attacking side will be victory, if it can not be destroyed it will be defeat.

There is an item named "City NPC" on the right side of the screen, but items like item names are lined up, but this is a spot for quests and you can click on this to automatically move to that spot I will.

"TENKI" is a 3D MMORPG that requires no client installation and is complete with only the browser, so the hurdle to play the game is considerably low. If you feel like it, please apply for the tester.

Main - TENKI dither site

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