Mozilla starts service for free MMORPG "BrowserQuest" made with HTML5

MMORPG that it works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS and AndroidBrowserQuest"Started. It was Mozilla that made this, the operation method is straightforward, it can be played with pretty crisp.

First, here is a demo movie where you can see the summary.

BrowserQuest - Massively Multiplayer HTML5 Game Demo - YouTube

The following is the official site.


Firstly from the place to name the character.

Please note that if you use Internet Explorer 9 or earlier version, you will be prompted to use the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari. In addition, it is possible to play if it is IE 10 which supports WebSocket.

In honor of Mozilla's web browser Firefox, I tried a character name as fox. Let's play.

Server connected ......

The playing method is simple, and the character moves to the place where you click (tap on smartphone). If there is an NPC there will be a conversation, picking up items if they are there, and attacking if there are enemies. You can chat after pressing the Enter key, and when you exit you can save the data by closing the browser as it is.

Fox got off to the world without knowing anything

Conversation with NPC to win Medal of "Small Talk"

There are 20 medals in all

Because the strength of the enemy is not displayed, for the time being we will fight against weak rats and bats in the vicinity of the town.

Because my strength is not a level system, I will wait for all weapons and armor to come out. Red potion is a recovery drug, let's drink more and more and challenge the next battle.

Sometimes a yellow potion comes out, but this is a power potion. Firefox seems like an invincible fox mode for a certain time.

Because the damage from the enemy becomes invalid, it is ant to challenge a slightly stronger enemy when winning.

Even if you die, you can recover quickly. Since we never lose equipment, we are actively fighting and OK.

Eventually the enemy is becoming a ghost-like guy ......

He came to the unexplored wilderness ... ....

And to the boss ... .... The game is going to be pretty crispy and should be about challenging the boss if it is about an hour strong.

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