MMORPG "Mife Masters" to grow cute pets and adventure together, pre-open beta test began from October 24

MMORPG "Miff Masters" who can train cute pets called "Maiku" and adventure together can decide to carry out pre-open beta test prior to official service.

From Friday, October 17th, we will accept free member registration on the official website and pre-open beta test is scheduled to start from Friday 24th October.

Details are as below.
Maffe Masters: Attachable online game

Maifumasuzu is a training online game that brings up adventure by raising a pet called "meife" hatched from eggs on the island called Maypin island. Make-ups can change their character by their way of raising and giving feeds, and can make them their own make-up.

The battle system is unique, and players and masters challenge monsters by pairing tags, and there is also the possibility of playing the knives against each other.

Key visual is like this. IllustrationFeather kiloI am in charge.

The official start of the service is scheduled for November 2008, and the basic charge is charged free of charge for item billing.

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