GREE's "Exploration Dorirando" TV animation, Jump SQ. Also starts manga serialization

It was announced that GREE 's social game "Exploring Dorirando" known as a large number of commercials will be converted to TV animation. Animation production is a Toei animation that deals with "One Piece", "Toriko", "Pretty Cure", etc. The broadcast time is unknown for now.

Exploration Dorirando official website Toei animation

Toei animation and Glee, popular social game "Exploration Dorirando" turned into TV animation (Toei Animation Co. Press Release)

"Explore Dolyland" is a card game that explores the dungeon by making full use of Hunter cards. When you punish monsters you can get treasures, cooperative play with your friends also has gained popularity.

According to Toei Animation, TV animation "Exploration Dorirando" will be a story of characters that appear in this social game will adventure the mysterious world Dorirando. It seems that animation unique elements are being added while leaving the concept of the game "Become stronger fighting with friends" intact.

In making this TV animation, a serial series of manga "Exploring Dorirando" is planned with jump SQ. Also, UHA taste sugar and Bandai Namco group are considering commercialization.

On GREE, we held a campaign to TV animation from May 10th to May 30th 18 o'clock. The exclusive page in the game, it seems that an item set that can advance the game advantageously will be gifted as well.

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