Two major online RPG "Ragnarok Online" and "Emil Chronicle Online" special collaboration realized

Online RPG's "Ragnarok Online(RO)"When"Emil Chronicle Online(ECO)"Will celebrate the eighth anniversary and the fifth anniversary in December respectively, special collaboration plan will be held.

As a common project, a double registration campaign will be held where limited items will be registered by registering in both games during the period, and planning of memorial will be done individually as well.

Details are as below.
"Emil · Chronicle · Online × Ragnarok Online" Collaboration

"Ragnarok Online" started in 2002, "Emil Chronicle Online" is online RPG that began official service from 2005, and both areGun HoIt is operating.

Speaking of online games (MMORPG), although there were "Ultima Online" and "EverQuest" since the end of the 1990's, it began in the 2000s since the beginning of full swing. In 2001,Lineage"In 2002," Ragnarok Online ""Final Fantasy XIStarted and gathered many users.

Since then, many games have been started in the form of domestic enterprises operating overseas online games, but online games definitely have more advantageous playing time aspects, so they become like competitors, competitiveness The game without it stopped service more and more. Among them, "Ragnarok Online" has been in service for 8 years, "Emil Chronicle Online" has been in service for 5 years.

In this collaboration, as a common project, if you register for both games between 15 o'clock Thursday, November 18 (Thursday) and December 16 th (Thursday) 8 o'clock, you will be able to receive collaborative limited items. Items to receive are 500 items in the RO game "ECO × RO Collaboration Memorial ECO × RO Card Sleeve [1]" by lottery, in the ECO game "ECO × RO Collaboration Memorial Promotion Iris Card" (1 piece ) Has been drawn for 1000 people by lottery.

Also, on ECO, RO's monster Porin is supposed to appear, from regular maintenance on Thursday, November 18th until December 16th (Thursday) regular maintenance. In addition to this, one ECO and one RO are planning to publish late November.

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