Yahoo! Auction and Internet auction The world's largest eBay is mutually available

Japan's largest net auction firmYahoo! Auction (Yahoo auction)And the world's largest net auction firmEBay (eBay)It seems that they will be able to mutually enter each other's services at this time through business alliance. In other words, it seems that Yahoo members will be able to bid on products that are on eBay, or eBay members will be able to bid on what is exhibited on Yahoo auction.

Details are as follows.
As a first step, Yahoo! You can bid on eBay items using JAPAN ID "SekaimonIt is open today (it is not yet open at 11 o'clock).

【Sekaimon】 The world's largest auction site "ebay" official recognition. If you bid for international items Sekimon.

By the end of March 2008, Yahoo! Users of auctions will be able to browse items bidding on eBay and bid / win a bid in addition to products in Japan. Yahoo! in eBay during 2008 An agency site that can purchase auction items can be opened, while eBay users will open Yahoo! It seems that it will be possible to bid on auction items.

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Alliance with Yahoo and eBay, Net Auction · Mutual exhibition

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