Game "TOWER BLOXX" to build a town by stacking towers

It is a game that builds up the tower by stacking the floors one by one, making the town. Since the floor is being shaken by the crane, we have to put it so as not to drop it. As the tower gets higher the difficulty level will rise, so be careful.

Access is from the following.
Tower Bloxx

Click "PLAY THIS GAME!" On the right side of the site.


The top BUILD CITY is a regular game. For QUICK GAME you can play games just towers.

Like this, the floor of the tower is suspended one by one, so drop it down with the space key.

Floor will fall if you can not put it well by balancing well.

I will place a tower in the town.

Depending on the tower there are conditions in the place to build.

The swaying of the tower tends to become large and the difficulty level rises as it becomes a higher floor.

It seems likely to clear if you increase the population, but I will give up at around here.

Another game, the same as making a tower game. You can not make a town just by loading the floor here.

Thor Towers - - Free Online Flash Games

title screen.

It is a building block rather than a building.

The shake is not constant, the difficulty level is high.

If you can drop it to the same position as the lower block it will give you a chance to score up.

Game over at 39 places where somehow was loaded.

You can see how it was loaded. The last person did not get very straight.

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