I tried chocolate mint like long-awaited Haagen Dazs new work "Chocolat mint" and "coffee vanilla"

Speaking of classic flavors of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc. However, the flavor which is strongly popular is "chocolate mint". From Haagen DazsMint flavored iceAlthough it has been released in the past, chocolate mint flavored ice has never been released in a mini cup. However, at last I was waiting for some fans on July 28 (Monday) Chocolate mint flavored ice "Chocolat mint"Was released. at the same time"Coffee vanillaSince it was also on sale, I tried two kinds of new work.

Chocolate mint | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

Coffee vanilla | Product Information | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

Hagen Dazs' chocolat mint and coffee vanilla packages look like this.

Chocolat mint is based on light blue design.

You can check the image of mint and chocolate.

Alcohol content is 0.3%. The calorie per 1 (110 ml) is 272 kcal, which is higher than Haagen Dazs mini cup vanilla (244 kcal).

Milk fat content is 13.5%, raw materials such as cream · milk etc as the main raw material · sugar · defatted condensed milk · chocolate chip · egg yolk · peppermint fragrance etc.

Chocolate mint with chocolate chips appears when you open it.

When scooping with a spoon, there were a lot of chocolate chips on the inside.

Ice does not feel alcohol much, but it is finished in the taste which has a strong sense of mint and is soothing, and it seems to be quite satisfactory if it is a person who likes mint. Compared with other Haagen Dazs, although milk fat content is not low, it was refreshing. Chocolate chips had a bitter sweetness and a bitter taste was felt.

It also contains large chocolate chips and you can taste the crispy texture. This texture is nice, it seems that it can be said that it is said to be made by pressing down the key point of mint's favorite chocolate chip lover.

Coffee vanilla is a package based on light brown.

Coffee floating and hemp bags are marked.

The calorie is 178 kcal and it is rather calorie discreetly compared to chocolate mint.

Milk fat content is 7%, and cream, sugar, defatted concentrated milk powder, candy, coffee, egg yolk etc. can be confirmed as raw materials. It was released last yearCoffee milkAnd the raw materials are quite similar.

When opened, a layer of coffee solbes and a layer of vanilla ice cream were swirling.

The layer of Solve is more watery than the layer of vanilla ice.

When scooping and eating it, the coffee sorbet layer has no bitter taste like espresso, it has a taste of coffee that faintly senses sourness. Good compatibility with vanilla, finished in a slightly different flavor with caffe latte. I feel that the layer of Solve was a sharp texture last year.

Both Chocolat mint and coffee vanilla are on sale for a limited time, and the price is 263 yen excluding tax.

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