Mobile battery and wireless charger become one "ARK" real machine review

One of the troubles with smartphones and mobile phones is "out of battery", and I think that many people carry mobile batteries so that they can charge anywhere. Products that combine such mobile battery and wireless power feeder are "ARK"Since the real thing arrived also at the editorial department, I decided to try its ability.

ARK - The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger by BEZALEL Corp. - Kickstarter

"ARK" is a cloud funding siteKickstarterThe project was successful. Also in the editorial department ARK body and the case for iPhone 5 we got together arrived.

ARK is packaged in a cardboard box.

The inside of the box looks like this. A white square object is ARK and comes with a micro-USB cable for charging and a dedicated carry case.

Velor tone carry case has a good touch and the name tag also expresses the pattern with knitting instead of printingWeave nameIt was used.

ARK body size is 90 × 90 × 20 mm. The body has a built-in lithium-ion battery of 5200 mAh, weighing 170 g.

The main body design is simple, and it is almost solid except for the sticker stuck on the reverse side.

This time we invested in Kickstarter and got it, so the limited edition arrived.

At the front of the main unit, there is one USB port for output, a power switch, and LEDs for indicating the remaining battery level are laid out.

By using the USB terminal in ARK, it is possible to share batteries with two units. It is a thankful feature for the time called Isa.

On the left side facing the side was equipped with a Micro-USB port for charging the internal battery.

It is possible to charge using a commercially available USB adapter.

Check the case for iPhone 5s while charging ARK.

Package written as "Wireless Charging Case for i5".

The output current is 600 mA, which is about 60% compared with 1000 mA (= 1A: 5 W model) of Apple's original iPhone 5 s charger.

Illustration to wear iPhone is also drawn.

The package included a case and instruction manual.

In case the wireless power supply standard "Qi"The logo indicating it is printed.

The size of the slightly pinkish case is 60 × 132 × 10 mm, and has become a size which made iPhone 5s a little longer. Weight was 25 g.

The Lightning connector is set in the iPhone installation part.

In the bottom part there is a hole for connecting the earphone terminal, a fine hole for passing the sound, and a Micro-USB terminal, so even if it is attached to the case it can be charged with the Micro-USB cable It is getting.

"Please peel off the film before use".

◆ Check ARK + special ability case
I tested the charging time using iPhone 5s which was rolling in the editorial department. In preparation for the test, the battery of the iPhone 5s is in an empty state in the state of Sukarakan.

Insert the iPhone 5s in a little quick case ......

Slide as it is.

Pay attention to the Lightning connector and push it in and it's done.

Here is how it was worn. The width is an increase of about several millimeters so that it is a level which is not bothersome. Although the total length is about 1 cm longer than iPhone alone, this also seems to have no practical problem.

However, due to the built-in antenna for Qi, it is a shame if it is regrettable that the thickness has increased slightly.

If it is a genuine type earphone terminal, it could be installed without problems.

Where I am ready, I will actually try charging.

Set the iPhone 5s in the case on the ARK and press the power button ......

A display indicating charging is shown. Current seems to be a little 600 mA, but it seems to be problematic for charging.

Prepare iPhone 5 to compare charging time with genuine charger and start charging at the same time.

Both of them are in the state of Sukakarakan with zero battery level.

Five minutes after the start, iPhone 5 was turned on. The remaining battery power at this point is 4%.

The power difference with the original charger that outputs the current of about 1 A seems obvious, and it was around 15 minutes after the start of the experiment that the iPhone 5s set to ARK was powered on.

I measured the body temperature during charging.

As a result, the surface temperature of the iPhone 5 using a genuine charger is about 32.5 degrees. The iPhone 5s using one ARK is at 35 degrees, slightly higher than genuine. Although it is said that the temperature will be lower than other Qi-compatible chargers in the publication by the manufacturer, it seems that it will be higher than the original charger.

Approximately two hours after the start of charging, the iPhone 5 connected to the genuine charger put a big difference and completed charging earlier. The situation that the iPhone 5s at this point is still 77%. The iPhone 5s completed charging three hours and 20 minutes after the start.

The table here is what I figured out the remaining amount of both. Compared with a genuine charger which has completed charging in about 140 minutes, the time required for the ARK + special case is 200 minutes and the difference in speed is obvious, but this is inevitable because it uses wireless power supply Maybe it is something to say.

ARK was a product combining the two features of mobile battery + wireless power supply. In the world there are mobile batteries that can charge two cars at the same time, there is also a charger compatible with Qi, but it seems that ARK which combines both has a charm that is hard to throw away.

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