What is unknown eavesdropping war about submarine cable supporting the Internet?

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The submarine cable began to be used in the 1840s and was originally used for telegraph and telegram exchanged across the Atlantic Ocean. Along with advances in technology, submarine cables have begun to be used for telephones and faxes, and in modern times fiber optic cables stretched over the ocean floor supply the Internet to the world. It is not well known that many conflicts between the United States and the Soviet Union occurred in the 1970s when such a submarine cable went through relaxing tensions due to the Cold War and shifting to a new Cold War.

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In October 1971, the US Navy's nuclear submarineHari BatInvaded the Sea of ​​Okhotsk where severe security was done by Soviet forces. CIA · NSA · US Navy commanded by three organizations "Ivey BellThe purpose of the strategy is to intercept the content of calls exchanged between the Soviet naval base on the Kamchatka peninsula and the headquarters of Vladivostok who was responsible for the Soviet Pacific Fleet. The submarine cable connecting the Soviet naval base and the headquarters is very important for the communication of the Soviet Union, and it seems that the information that I wanted was more and more wished as America got hands from my throat.

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Harybut initially conducted a survey to find the location of the submarine cable. With repeated investigation, I will discover the submarine cable that the Soviet Union is using at the bottom of the ocean about 120 meters deep. Hariibat crew was installed on a submarine cable that discovered a waterproof wiretap. Eavesdropping equipment established by the United States had been subjected to a mechanism called "to remain on the sea floor so as not to be discovered" even if the Soviet Union pulled up the submarine cable for reasons such as breakdown. The contents of the received calls are recorded in a wiretap, and the US Navy has been collecting the contents of calls recorded in the wiretapping device every month for the following 10 years.

At that time, copper wires were commonly used for submarine cables, and the Soviet submarine cables were no exception. Since the copper wire emits electromagnetic waves to the outside of the cable, the United States developed a wiretap to receive electromagnetic waves emitted and successfully intercepted the communication record without contacting the submarine cable. Also, it is said that the Soviet Union showed great confidence in the security of the submarine cable, and that the call record was not encrypted at all, it became a factor of the eavesdropping success.


However, in 1981, former NSA staff troubled with debtRonald PeltonI will leak information on the Ivy Bell strategy in return for receiving 35,000 dollars (about 7 million yen at that rate) from the Soviet National Security Committee (KGB). The Soviet navy surveyed the Sea of ​​Okhotsk based on Pelton's information, discovered and collected wiretapers from the ocean floor. The eavesdropper that was discovered is currently being exhibited in Moscow city. Pelton who leaked the information has been arrested in the United States and received a third sentence of life sentence, but release is planned in 2015.

Pelton's actions have ended the Ivy Bell strategy, but the operation of the US submarine cable eavesdropping is not just the Ivy Bell strategy. The nuclear power submarine owned by the United StatesPerchDeparted from San Francisco in 1971 toward the Barents Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean, and set up a wiretap to the submarine cable that the Soviet Union had set up. The wiretapping device that Percho put on worked normally without being found until 1992. After that, the US Navy implemented a submarine cable eavesdropping strategy not only in the Soviet Union but also in a wide waters ranging from Europe to North America using Perchoo. At retirement in 2004, Percho was honored by the then President of the United States as a submarine who carried out numerous confidential operations.

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It was Jimmy Carter of a nuclear submarine that inherited the research and development mission that was the original mission of Pearl. Jimmy Carter is equipped with a device that makes it easier for navy officials to navigate the boat and out of the ship when doing a mission at the seafloor and may be used for submarine cable eavesdropping operations And that.

Article writing At present, many of the installed submarine cables use optical fiber cables. There are two ways to eavesdrop on data communicated over fiber optic cables. One is to split the photon flow by splicing another cable to the submarine cable. The other way is to fold the submarine cable to create a point of data leakage.

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Former NSA officialsEdward Snowden published to British information paper The Guardian in 2013In the secret document which was done, the fact that the British and American intelligence agencies were eavesdropping over 200 submarine cables and the method were stated. It is said that the amount of data eavesdropped by the UK is comparable to the amount read about 150 million books stored in the British Library, the British National Library, 192 times.

British and American submarine cable sniffing acts are unacceptable facts for governments and telecommunications carriers in each country, and both countries have received great criticism. In addition, Brazil announced in February 2014 that it will spend 185 million dollars (about 18.8 billion yen) and set up a submarine cable connecting Brazil and Europe with a route that avoids the United States. It is likely that it will be a problem for countries and business operators installing submarine cables from now on which it is necessary to introduce a tremendous budget in order to avoid the wiretap acts in England and the United States.

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