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FIFA World Cup held once every four years2014 conventionWas held in Brazil, various goals were born and there were lots of wonderful games. Database visualization service "ChartioJuha-Matti Santala, who works at the World Cup, is also one of the attractors of the World Cup, and he takes advantage of his skills and puts together the data of the tournament and looks back on the World Cup Brazil Games.

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32 national teams from all over the world gathered in the World Cup / Brazil Games, 64 games were held, and a total of 171 points were decided. This 171 score is the highest number of goals in the World Cup, along with the 1998 World Cup / France Games. The biggest goal in the 32 teams was decided by 18 points from the German national who won the championship.

The first time the World Cup was held in 1930, initially the average score per game was close to "4", it seems that a considerable number of goals were determined for each game. The average score of each game has gradually declined gradually, and the average number of points per game recently has decreased to about "2.5". In addition, the average score of each game at the Brazil Games is "2.67", which is higher than the number of World Cups in recent years, you can see that it is a competition that has decided more goals than before.

In the Brazilian games there may be remarkable memorable remarks such as 1-5 of the Spain national vs. the Netherlands national team and 7-1 of the German national team vs. the Brazil national battle vividly clearly, but all 64 matches Eight games in the middle of 90 minutes did not even have a goal, and it was a competition where we could see an excellent defensive organization.

The graph below shows which time goal of the game many goals have been determined, the horizontal axis shows game time every 5 minutes, and the vertical axis shows goal number. When you look at the graph, you can see that many goals have been decided for 5 minutes (85 to 90 minutes) just before the end of the match.

Mexico's lead led the game just before the end of the match in a game where the game went great during the final match of the Netherlands vs. Mexican national team in the finals tournament, but in the 88th minute Vladimir Sneijder of the Netherlands nominated a goal, and in the loss time Klaus Yan Huntelaar got the goal of reversing at the PK and the Netherlands representative won.

In addition, although the number of goals fixed after entering the extension was three in the 2006 tournament and two in the 2010 tournament, eight goals have been decided on extension in the 2014 tournament, including the final The final points of the German national team vs. Argentina national fight are also included.

The final goal in the final game is like this.

Also, the fastest goal in the World Cup / Brazil Games was the American representative Clint Dempsey. In the World Cup match against Ghana, it scored a goal in 29 seconds from the start of the game, making it the fastest goal of the Brazilian tournament, making it the fifth fastest goal in the entire World Cup.

Clint Dempsey's amazing goal in 30 seconds: fastest goal in american history (sick edit) - YouTube

Furthermore, the author Santala's favorite goal is that the Colombian national team Hamez Rodriguez is the volley shoot that he won against Uruguay.

Some of the goals determined at Brazilian competitions may be permanent in history. For example, German national team Miroslav Klose won the World Cup 16th goal against Brazil in this tournament and became the top scorer of the World Cup. The number of Klose players' World Cup matches is 23 games.

Juuto Fontaine who has participated in the World Cup as a French national team in 1958 as the player with the highest score so far. He scored 13 goals in six games, scored points in all six games that he played, has achieved hat-trick twice, and the record that Mr. Fontaine's 13 tournaments are still destroyed to everyone It is not done.

Not only Klose, but German national team is not only Klose, but in the 1970s Mr. Gert Müller was active and he scored 10 goals in five games in the 1970 Mexican World Cup. In addition, Thomas Muller, who is the team mate of the current national team, also won 10 goals in the world cup. However, other than Klose and Mueller, there are no players who have decided more than 10 goals in the World Cup among active players.

The following graph shows the number of scorers (vertical axis) of the top scorers in such successive World Cups and the number of game competitions (horizontal axis), the blue line is Klose, the yellow is Mr. Gerd Muller, the navy blue color is Mr. Pele, Mr. Fontane, Mr. Purple represents Mr. Ronaldo, and it is clear how unusual the pace of score of Mr. Fontaine was. In addition, it is also possible to participate in the next World Cup at the age of 24 at the age of 24. Thomas Mueller 's World Cup appearance is 13 games and the number of points is 10, so it is currently at the same time as Mr. Kroze and Ronaldo' s record It is.

"Football is a very simple game, former England national football player," said 22 people, chasing the ball for 90 minutes, and finally winning the Germans "said Gary Linneker. It was exactly the result of this word at the 2014 tournament, but the German national team has achieved the fourth World Cup championship with this, and it will be the first victory after the unification of the East and West Germany. The number of victories in Germany is the number of times in Brazil five times, the number of victories in Italy is the same in 4 times.

The graphs below show the results of the past World Cup in Argentina (Blue), Brazil (Yellow), Germany (Navy), Italy (Blue Blue) and America (Purple), with the horizontal axis representing year, The vertical axis shows the results. Looking at the graph, Germany has never lost with the best 16 in the past World Cup, since 15 teams participated in the 1938 convention never occurred.

Football is not the most popular sport in America, but at the Brazil Games the American delegation showed a wonderful fightInvolved the whole nation in the swirl of excitementIt was. Especially, Tim Howard who is American representative GK played against Belgium1 game 16 savesIt was a big topic once the iron wall was over.

In addition, President Barack Obama who was watching the game of the United States delegates directly to the people of the American national team, and it is disappointing work, and the appearance is on the official YouTube channel of the White House.

Raw Video: President Obama Calls Clint Dempsey & Tim Howard - YouTube

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