2018 FIFA World Cup The winner of Russia is France, the second moment of crown since 1998

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia deciding the world's strongest football national team that started on 14th June 2018 finally finished. It was the French national team who won the victory until the finals, although he was the Croatian delegate who decided to advance to the finals for the first time with the French national team aiming for the second victory since 1998.

Starting member of France who is aiming for the second victory since 1998. Killian Embaepe who entered a corner of three tops became the third player of the history "a fighter who fights the World Cup final in his teens".

Starting members of Croatia representatives who challenge the final are as follows. The Croatian delegate has been fighting the extension game for three consecutive games since entering the final tournament, so 90 minutes (just one game) has been played for a long time than the French national team.

The game went on for the first time in 18 minutes. French national Antoine Grellmann kicked free kick hit the head of Croatian delegate Mario Mandyukić Own goal. French president took the lead of 1: 0. French national team has scored scores from each game free kick in the final tournament so far, and the scores were also decided in the final. The Croatian delegates to the contest are winning with the reversal since they were all preempted in the three games in the final tournament.

In the first half 28 minutes, Croatia's Ivan Periscic picked up a sphere of corner kicks, dribbled to bring it sideways and a sharp shot. This is sucked into the goal to score, and Croatia representative will catch up one on one at an early time.

A Perićchi player hands in the penalty area to the corner kick of France and judged PK. Grellsman decided this calmly, the French deleted the lead again with 2 to 1 matches. The score ends the first half as it is.

The first half highlights of the finals can be watched from the following.

France 2-1 Croatia First half highlights - YouTube

It was French national team who moved the game earlier in the second half. In the latter half 14 minutes Paul Poguba's target shot was decided and the French national team leaded 2 points with 3: 1. Daniel Subasic who is the Croatian delegate's GK can not move sharply.

In the latter half of 20 minutes the French team will further extend the lead. A weak crown 19-year-old Embaepe who has made opportunities on the side with overwhelming speed so far received a ball outside the penalty area and is on the right foot. France is 3 points lead by 4 to 1. It is said that the teenage athletes decided on the final of the World Cup after the 1958 soccer god · Pele .

Croatia delegates counterattack in the latter half 24 minutes. Croatian national team Mandju Kitchi who chased the ball furiously from the half way line, put pressure on even French president GK Hugo · Loris to make a mistake and decide the goal. The score of the game is now 4 to 2.

As it was, the match ended and the French team decided to win the second time. French national coach Didier Deschamp has also won the World Cup as a player in 1998 and has successfully won the victory as a director in this victory.

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