Real VS Atlético's Champions League finals will win the 10th most victory in history with Real Madrid at 4 to 1 at the end of the extension match

In the local time on 24th May 2014, the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final game took place, Real Madrid played the 10th most successful victory (Decima) in 4 to 1 history.

UEFA Champions League 2014 - Real Madrid - Atlético Data -

UCL is a competition to decide the European number one team organized by the Federation of European Football Associations (UEFA). The two teams based in the same town as the Spanish capital Madrid fight the final game. Real has won the UEFA Champions' Cup, the predecessor of UCL and UCL, has won the most nine times so far, with the aim of winning the first ten times in history, Atletico will challenge the final game with the aim of winning the UCL for the first time .

Starting members are as follows. The inside of the parenthesis is the jersey number.

real madrid

GK:Iker Casillas (1)
DF:Carbajar (15)
DF:Sergio Ramos (4)
DF:Rafael Valán (2)
DF:Fabio Coentrin (5) In exchange for Marcelo (12) in the latter half 59 minutes
MF:Luca Modricci (19)
MF:Sami Kedira (6) In replacement of Isco (23) in the latter half 59 minutes
MF:Angel Demaria (22)
FW:Gareth Bale (11)
FW:Karim Benzema (9) replaced with Morata (21) in the latter half 79 minutes
FW:Cristiano Ronaldo (7)

Atletico · Madrid

GK:Tivo Kurtwa (13)
DF:Juan Franc (20)
DF:Miranda (23)
DF:Godin (2)
DF:Philippe Ruiz (3) Substitution with Andel Wyirette (12) in the latter half of 83 minutes
MF:Raúl García (8) Replaced Sosa (24) in the latter half 66 minutes
MF:Thiago (5)
MF:Gabi (14)
MF:Moss (6)
FW:Diego Costa (19) replaced with Adrian Lopez (7) in the first half nine minutes
FW:David Villa (9)

The game was replaced by Atelico's ace, Diego Costa, in the first half nine minutes earlier, which is a very unusually good start for the team. However, the game went on at the Atletico pace, which keeps on pressing intense the whole pitch, and Godin decided the goal for the first goal in heading in the first half 36 minutes.

The goal scene can be seen in the following movie.

Diego Godin Goal Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 1-0 | 24-05-2014 - YouTube

Real wanting to change the flow of the game will change Coentlan and Kedira to Marcelo and Isco in the latter half 59 minutes, from which Real will begin to push one side. Then, Sergio Ramos headed with a header and returned the game to the start as a result of the second half loss time, CK kicked by Modrich.

Sergio Ramos' whole body heading can be seen from the following movies.

Sergio Ramos Goal 1-1 Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid HD - YouTube

Real GK Casillas kissing Ramos who scored unexpectedly.

Entered into the extension game, both teams will make opportunities but can not decide. Especially Atletico's players could not hide fatigue because they had been pressing strict presses on real players for 90 minutes in the last half. In the latter half of the extension, 110 minutes from the real, Gareth Bale pushes in with the head from the counter at the end and succeeds in the reverse.

At the counter, Dimaria, who was showing a dangerous dribble throughout the game, brought in the ball and shot, the bail pushed the spill ball into a reversal goal.

Gareth Bale goal Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid 1-2 UCL 24-05-2014 - YouTube

In the latter half of the extension 118 minutes, Marcelo dribbled by putting between the stopped Atletico defense will shoot himself as it is and will give the third goal of Real.

Marcelo Goal Real Madrid vs Atletico de Madrid 4-1 UCL Final 2014 - YouTube

Even further, in the latter half of the extension 120 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo took victory with the fourth point of pushing from PK. The goal scene of Cristiano Ronaldo who became UCL total 17 goals looks like this.

Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid 4-1 UCL 2014 - YouTube

Cristiano Ronaldo delighted with his 17th goal at UCL taking off his uniform. After this, a yellow card is presented from taking off the uniform.

Real Madrid won the game 4 to 1. At the end I got a big difference, but Atletico · Madrid who advanced the game according to the plan as well as the plan until it was decided the reverse goal showed a great game. The matches of the matches are as follows, and the result is that the real exceeds Atletico by the ball dominance rate, shoot number, pass number all. The final of the Man of the Match continued to repel Atletico's attack, Sergio Ramos who decided the heading goal of counterattack was chosen.

Real Madrid's people who fulfilled the desire of wish by playing the 10th champion in 12 years.

The moment Casillas, who is the captain of the team, raises the winning trophy (big year) can be seen from the following movie.

Iker Casillas lifts the UEFA Champions League Trophy 2014 - YouTube

Hero Bale decided to reverse the goal.

Zidane serving Real Madrid's assistant who supports pitch players during the game. What was thinking of the director Ancelotti looking at Zidane?

The game was played in Portugal · LisbonEstadio da LuzThe number of visitors is 69,76. The total number of visitors to UCL in the 2013-2014 season is said to be 5,716,446 people.

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