World football 2015-2016 season, Best Goal & Transcendental Skill Movie Summary

Japanese professional football league is "J League", but many countries around the world have their top league like Japan's J League. Although the number of football leagues that exist all over the world exceeds 100, the best goal and the transcendent dribble decided in the first half of the 2015-2016 season are summarized mainly in the leagues of Europe and South America where top soccer players gather in particular A movie has been released.

Football Most Amazing Goals ● 2015/2016 HD - YouTube

In the movie, super long shoots released from the vicinity of half way line, volley shoot, middle shoot, shoot from dribbling etc. are a lot of fun, so introduce some of them as GIF animation.

2015-2016 The first goal of the Spanish Super Cup held at the start of the season, the super goal born in the game against Athletic Bilbao against Barcelona is as follows. The goal was decided by Michael S. José, the athletic / Bilbao defender (DF). Barcelona's goalkeeper (GK) Tea Steegen cleared the ball with just a few outside the penalty area, and when San Jose players shoot a strong long shot from a little beyond the halfway line , The ball has been sucked into the goal beyond the overhead of GK.

Spain of 2015-2016 season "Riga Espanola"The goal that was born in Department 8 versus Deportivo La Coruña against Athletic Bilbao. The goal was decided by Lucas Perez who is Forport (FORWARD) of Deportivo, and it has become a brilliant goal to float a path from a friend with a trap and to hit a volley shoot as it is.

France in 2015-2016 season "League Ann, Section 8 The goal that Hatem Ben Alfa of the former French delegation showed in the game against Saint Etienne vs. Nice. After dribbling through between the opponent and Susulu, I decide the goal by myself.

Highlight video of Saint Etienne vs. Nice videos is released by official Youtube channel of League Ann and can be checked from the following.

AS Saint-Etienne - OGC Nice (1-4) - Résumé - (ASSE - OGCN) / 2015-16 - YouTube

Below is the second section of Liga Espanyol in the 2015-2016 season, middle shoots decided by Wales nominee Gareth Bale at Real Madrid against Betis. Swing the left foot sweepingly, the goal hits the post and is sucked into the goal.

This is a competition that decides number one of club teams in Europe "UEFA Champions League"The second goal of Group B, the goal which Mr. Chris Smolling of Manchester United determined against Manchester United against Wolfsburg. Smalling athletes catch up with the ball that Manchester United's Juan Mata players put on the back of the opponent's DF line with a heal and scored the goal.

Besides this, it is a must-see as it contains a large number of goals.

In addition to the goal, there are movies in which the dribbling dribbles and traps that the players fascinated during the game were gathered together.

Crazy Skills ● Tricks ● Dribbles ● 2015 - 2016 | HD - YouTube

Among them, especially surprising is the super dribble which former Italian representative Sebastian Giovinco belongs to Toronto FC of "Major League Soccer (MLS)" which is the American professional football league. It is difficult to express in words at all, but the movement is a word of surprise anyway. Such a Jovinco player got a record of astonishing that 22 goals 16 assists by 2015 MLS, and won the personal title of the score king · Newcomer prize · annual best eleven · MVP.

Besides, the French top league, the League Anne is officially on YouTubeChannelWe have set up a super goal in the first half of the 2015-2016 season here.

Top buts 19ème journée - Ligue 1 / 2015-16 - YouTube

Especially the supermarket is the goal which PSG's Zlatan Ibrahimovic player decided in the game of Kaen against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of the league's 19th section. Lucas Moura dropped the vertical pass issued by PSG's Angel Di Maria player, and Ibrahimovic was directly into the goal while the ball was bouncing.

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Germany's top league where many Japanese football players are activeBundesligaAlso on YouTubeOfficial channelHas been established. On this official channel, Bundesliga has created and published a movie collection requested by users, which is unusual and funny.

For example this is Bundesliga's successive best counter top 10.

Top 10 Counter Attacking Goals - Advent Calendar 2015 Number 18 - YouTube

Above all, the goal which Alexander Baumoyohan, who belonged to Borussia Moenchengladbach in the 2008-2009 season, decided it was particularly great. After taking the ball from the enemy, I decided to goal by carrying the ball by myself. It is noteworthy that we start dribbling from the self goal side rather than halfway line and have decided up to the goal.

The following movies are Bundesliga's best crotch collection.

Nutmeg Compilation - Advent Calendar 2015 Number 6 - YouTube

Among those humiliating, the following scenes. It is a scene that Socrates, Papas taso Puro Ross who belongs to Borussia · Dortmund are thrust out three times in a row to the same opponent.

And the following movies are the goal celebration collection.

5 Worst Goal Celebrations - Advent Calendar 2015 Number 4 - YouTube

This was the goal celebration that Dutch representative Arrien Robben, who belongs to Bayern München, made a goal after goal. After deciding the score, I will try to slide on the pitch with the knee, but it will hit the knees on the turf and will roll with goron.

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