Google Chrome eats batteries on Windows laptops

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Google's web browser "Google Chrome"As of June 2014Share 19.34%Although it is a major browser in the second place after IE, it is pointed out that when using it on a Windows PC power consumption increases more than IE and Firefox.

Google's Chrome Web Browser Is Killing Your Laptop Battery - Forbes

The fact that Google Chrome consumes a large amount of power is known to be caused by the timer portion internally owned by Windows, called "system clock tick rate".

For example, on a PC with Windows 8 installed, if it is idling just by starting the OS, this number is "15.625 ms". Even if you start Internet Explorer 11, the value does not change, but it changes to 1.000 ms when you go to YouTube. Closing the tab that opened YouTube and returning to browsing the ordinary site, the value will also return to 15.625 ms. In other words, when load-bearing work occurs, the numerical value decreases, and when it is released from the load, it returns to the original.

However, in the case of Google Chrome, the number changes to 1.000 ms just by starting, unlike IE, and the numerical value does not change until the browser is closed. For this reason, the power consumption of the PC running Chrome is larger than that of PC using IE or Firefox, and in the case of notebook PC, the burden of the battery becomes large. Chrome had the first report in 2010A bug regarding tick rate still existsIn the forum, "Chrome isSystem clockWe do not have the interval management function of "There are discussions are done."

As a method of checking the system clock tick rate of my PC, it is provided by MicrosoftClockResThere is a way to use.

According to a test conducted by a Forbes reporter, the power consumption at the start of Google Chrome is 15 to 20 W, but when it is totally terminated, it changed to 12 to 15 W. Reporters do not have the power to be problematic on desktop PCs, but power consumption is an important issue in notebook PCs, and global thinking is that PCs that are wasting Google Chrome around the world simply by fixing bugs Recommend that electricity can be reduced. Meanwhile, as Mac OS and Linux with the function called "tickless timers" have no change in power consumption, it is said that this bug will not increase power consumption.

In addition, the following two measures are proposed as measures that can be currently taken.
· Use another browser such as IE or Firefox
ChromiumVote on the bug report page (add stars)

In Forbes's article, someone who is using Chrome on Mac is writing a comment, "Why is it written that it is OK on Mac? On my Mac, when you open a lot of tabs in Chrome, the battery I'm reporting that similar phenomena are happening, "he said.

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