Searching for 'How many emojis does Apple have?' breaks Google

Google Search crashes with a server error when searching for the phrase 'How many emojis on Apple'. Although it has been fixed at the time of writing the article, you can see a screenshot that shows what will happen if it crashes.

Google search was giving errors when searching “how many emojis on iOS” | Hacker News

Google search crashes when you ask 'How many emojis on Apple'

A user named wfme of the social news site Hacker News first discovered the problem of Google searches freezing when searching for questions about the number of emojis. He reported that a Google search for ' how many emojis on iOS ' resulted in an error.

Below is the result of BleepingComputer, an IT news site, actually trying it. I'm not getting any search results, just the message 'It looks like an internal server error occurred while processing your request'. You can also see the display when it crashed from the archive of search results .

Hacker News users who started verification immediately

found that an error occurred with the following search words.

・how many emojis on ios
・how many emojis on apple
・how many emojis on windows
・how many emojis on lumia
・how many emojis lumia
・how many emojis in ios
・how many emojis inside ios
・how many emojis on ios has

An error occurs even if you specify not only Apple or iOS but also Windows or Microsoft smartphone Lumia as a search word.

I also had a similar problem when searching with the Android Google Search app.

by Bleeping Computer

Based on these verification results, Hacker News users pointed out that 'probably a specific page displayed in the search results may be the cause of this error.' Also, in a thread on Reddit, an online bulletin board that deals with this problem, Google search crashes if you directly search for the domain name of Emojipedia , which explains the meaning of emojis, so it is speculated that this site may be the cause. It has been.

In addition, it has been corrected at the time of article creation, and no error will occur even if you search with phrases related to pictograms. BleepingComputer inquired about this issue with Google, but said that no response was obtained at the time of writing the article.

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