Lightweight, compact and portable bit-type driver "Tool Pen" changing to 13 different drivers

Driver set is an indispensable tool for assembling a little furniture and repairing a bicycle, but it is unexpected and troublesome to find a driver by pulling out a tool box one by one. However, universal interchangeable driver that is always portable with pocket size "Tool Pen"If you have, you can say" Sasato taking out and repairing caked ". It is a tremendously grateful tool for bicyclists and those who love to work.


You can understand how Tool Pen is a handy tool in a single shot by looking at the following movie.

Makes Everything Beautiful: Tool Pen - YouTube

A woman who is biking.

After removing the cap of the tip of the thin metal rod ......

Choose a bit from the driver ......

I inserted it in the stick earlier.

Knocking the inserted bit like a ballpoint pen ......

From the tip, the target bit appeared to be extruded.

Tool Pen is a bit-swappable driver that allows you to replace any bit you like by keeping your favorite bit in the bar while knocking.

If you are concerned about the effectiveness of the brake before cycling ......

Take Tool Pen out of your pocket and adjust it carefully.

Once the adjustment is over, it will be a pocket suddenly ......

Beginning of cycling. It is very smart.

A man who was skating. Apparently a problem occurred.

It seems that the screws are loose and wobble.

The cyclist just appeared ... ...

"Show me a bit"

Take Tool Pen out of your pocket ... ...

Swap bits ...

Sakuto repair.

It seems that you can repair the skateboard safely.

And the woman keeps Tool Pen in his pocket and continues cycling.

Tool Pen can be easily exchanged by inserting and removing a bit, it is possible to always store 6 bits.

The bit is marked with the driver type ......

From the window except Tool Pen, it is made to understand what is contained in where.

There is no worry that the cap at the tip is a powerful magnet and even if Tool Pen is put in a pocket or a bag, it will come off.

Tool Pen is 15 cm in length x 1.75 cm in diameter and weighs only 93 g, even if it contains six bits. Hexagonal body was machined by handS45C carbon steelIt is made out of strength and outstanding.

There are three colors of champagne gold, gunmeta, and snow silver. Also, there are 13 types of interchangeable bits including "+" and "-" as well as "Hex" and "star shape".

Tool Pen is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWith the target amount set at 7000 dollars (about 710,000 yen) with the target amount of money raised, the investment was raised, and it was already invested over 50,000 dollars (about 5.1 million yen) at the time of creating the article left over one month until the project completion I succeed in collecting it.

In the Tool Pen project, one tool pen and 13 kinds of driver bits are invested for 45 dollars (about 4,600 yen), 2 Tool Pen and 13 kinds of driver bits are allocated for 105 dollars (about 8200 yen), 105 You can get 3 Tool Pen and 3 Driver Bits 3 sets with a dollar (about 10,700 yen) contribution.

The deadline for investing in the Tool Pen project is until 12:50 pm on August 14, 2014.

Tool Pen - Makes Everything Beautiful by mininch - Kickstarter

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"Tool Pen mini" that allows multiple drivers to be stored in one pen and to move forward one after another - GIGAZINE

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