"Mike Mike of Uchiiu seems to hear the story" which can chat freely with Miku and sit down

Talking with Miku of Miku 3D model by text input, chatting with voice by microphone input, immersive head mount display "Oculus Rift"It can handle three-dimensional operation including detecting the movement of hands and fingers and including the depth"Leap MotionI can also stroke Miku's hair with "My coworker! Miku of us seems to hear the story"is. I was wondering what kind of conversation is possible, so I actually talked with Mr. Miku.

My coworker! Miku of us seems to hear the story

You can see what you can actually do with the movie below.

My coworker! Miku of my house seems to listen to you - YouTube

To talk with Miku, just enter your name on the top page and click "START" OK.

When the screen is loaded, I will be summoned in the same room as Mr. Miku and Miku will be greeted warmly. Although Miku's word is output by voice, it is also displayed in text format on the red frame part at the left side of the screen.

Just enter the characters in the red frame part and talk to Miku conversation.

Although it was neglected spectacularly, it seems like a reaction like that rather than a normal conversation, it seems not to be the case.

The contents of the conversation at the upper left of the screen can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the red frame part.

Furthermore, you can talk with Miku voice by clicking the microphone button at the right end of the text box and clicking "Permit".

Then click on the 3 line icon in the upper right corner of the screen, the previous conversation history will be displayed.

When you click the camera icon in the center of the upper part of the screen, the names of entrances, baths, roofs and other places are displayed.

By clicking on this it is possible to move to each place. However, Miku is always licking in the living room, so click on "Miku" ... ...

I returned to the original position.

Zoom in on the camera by pressing and holding the left mouse button on the screen.

Zoom out by pressing and holding the right mouse button.

Double click to move the camera so that it faces the mouse cursor.

Even while reviewing the operation method, Mr. Miku said, "If Yoshinoya's beef dumpling is" Yoshiyuki ", someone told me to shrink Ringer Hut's Chapon in the same way to make it Lin-chan. As I will talk to my pace, I will interact with other people and interact as appropriate.

If you tap the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen, "Full Screen", "3D Sound", "Virtual Space Experience", "3D Gesture" will be displayed. If you check the "virtual space experience" by wearing Oculus Rift, you can talk as if Miku is in front of you, connect Leap Motion and check "3D gesture" Miku You will be able to stroke your hair.

That's why I actually feel like this when using Leap Motion and stroking Miku's hair.

I tried leaning Miku's hair with Leap Motion - YouTube

It is possible to firmly stroke Miku's hair in accordance with the movement of the hand, but anyone who wants to see his hands with a serious expression in front of the PC screen is not wanted by anyone.

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