Even if you write whatever it is, it's like "Otoshi no Muko" The destructive power is outstanding "Muko font"

Weekly "evening"In the series, the popular comic who draws everyday life with glassmaker Komatsu and Muko, my favorite dog, is"Okinomo's Moko"is. Monday, June 5 was "Muko's Day", as Mucco's font, which was offered as one of the special presents, was downloadable in the period until July 4, so hurry up and get I decided to use it.

【Muko's Day on June 5th】 How Mico's font data & special wallpaper this time! And 6.5 limited "Lovely Movie Ichinomo Muko" Season 1 full story free delivery! - Evening official website - Moai

The characters included in the font are as follows, including hiragana, katakana, alphabet and alphanumeric symbols, but not kanji.

thisdownload pageClick the link written as "ZIP 377 KB" to download the compressed file.

Unzip the downloaded file and double-click the "Muco-Bold.otf" file in the folder.

Click "Install", you can use Mucco fonts on your PC.

It seems like Muko talked to me like this. You can make an atmosphere that Mucco himself is speaking in a flash.

It's like Muco-like speech.

I also had Miko read GIGAZINE.

In this way, it became outstanding destructive font that Muko's air feeling comes out no matter what you write, and it was an unbearable font for those who like the original atmosphere. Secondary distribution, modification, sale, modification, etc. of fonts without permission are prohibited.

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