Two kinds of Japanese fonts which can be used for commercial purposes free of charge "Tokito Ming Dynasty" "Toki Gothic"

The font which emphasizes the sense of unity when designing the hiragana / katakana smaller by width than the kanji and displaying the whole sentence is the "ticks" series. The two types of "Mincho font" of Mincho type and "Gothic font of Gothic type" are prepared, and "Engraving" series can be downloaded for free, and it can be freely used regardless of commercial or non-commercial use .

Tree of free font

Not to mention the atmosphere of the font, both fonts are characterized by a design that adds accent to the size of kana and kanji. When it displays a long sentence over several lines, it is made to produce a sense of unity with unity as the surface itself is a single pattern.

It will look like this when you display sentences in the morning morning.

The difference in the size of kanji and other characters imparts sharpness.

When I display the same sentence on one ticking gothic body, it looks like this. The impression received from the whole page does not seem to differ greatly from the morning morning body.

When you try it up, you can feel the refreshing image that it seems to be a Gothic body.

It is like this when trying to arrange the kana characters of the ming style morning. It is based on the original "IPAex Mincho / IPAex Gothic" font and processed with original letters, it can produce a romantic atmosphere and a restful classic image.

Alphabets and numbers seem to be in an orthodox style.

The carved gothic body is processed by adding the original character to the "M + (Em Plus) font" "IPAex Mincho / IPAex Gothic" font. With a modern atmosphere, you can produce refreshing images.

Here too the alphabet and numbers are orthodox finish.

By the way, it is based on "Tokimeomachi Font" and "Tokimei Gothic Font", which anyone can use for free, start using personal use, use for commercial purposes, modify font content, redistribute after modification There is no limit "M + (Em Plus) font"And" IPAex Mincho / IPAex Gothic "font.

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