The "cinnabon" of fluffy mochi - mochi using the finest cinnamon was drawing a line with the existing cinnamon roll

It is possible to eat warm cinnamon roll of fluffy rice cake using the finest Makara cinnamon "Cinnabon". Cup type whose cinnamon roll became a bite size for a limited time from March 10 (Monday) to June 11 (Wed)Roll on the goBecause it is sold, go to the shop and a signboard menu "Classic rollWe ate in conjunction with.

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Arrived at Chinabon Roppongi store. The shop isSeattle's Best CoffeeSince it is a collaboration store with, it has two signs "CINNABON" and "Seattle's Best Coffee" listed.

On the other side of the glass is a figure of a clerk who makes a chinabon.

As I entered inside, various kinds of chinabongs were displayed.

This is a signboard menu Cinabone Classic Roll (380 yen including tax)

That means that I ordered immediately. The choice I made this time is "Roll on the go" (350 yen tax included) "sold for a limited time from March 10 and classic roll.

Let's eat from the classic Sinabone classic roll.

The classic rolls are quite large, when I tried iPhone 5 next to them, the diameters are about the same size.

Cream is applied to the surface baked and baked.

The classic rolls just received are not only big but also warm and soft, so knives and forks are essential to eat.

The section looks something like this.

Brown sugar is used for the filling which is sandwiched between the fabrics, and the unique richness of brown sugar matches the fragrance of cinnamon spreading softly. The fabric is pretty fluffy, and finished with a line drawn from the cinnamon rolls sold at the bakery. Since the outside of the fabric is squashing, you can enjoy the sharpness of the texture.

Next, I will eat Roll on the Go, which contains a bite-sized chinamon in a cup.

Impression that cream is applied to the upper part of the cup more than classic rolls.

Filling is obscured from inside.

If you eat with plenty of cream, you will feel the fragrance of cinnamon and the mellowness of cream firmly. Because the cream is using cream cheese, it is smoother and considerably richer than the sugar coating on the common cinnamon roll.

Cream is surface only. Inside was not caught.

Because classic rolls and roll on the go are also quite sweet, coffee goes well.

The cinnamon used in the cinnamon is taken from the cassia tree in the highland of Indonesia. I took off the fragrant volatile oil from the skin of the tip of the tree, passed a special process, preserved its aroma and flavor, and made macarachinamon.

The taste is the same as the classic roll, but because it is cut into a bite size, the degree of "fluffy mochi mochi" at the time of eating that huge classic roll is somewhat modest. Unlike the classic roll which is almost impossible to hold with a hand, it is possible to eat crispy from a cup with one fork unlike a classic roll, so you can eat while reading books, eat while you work, take out It is convenient to eat while walking.

There are table seats and counter seats in the store ......

There is an outlet in the counter seat.

There is also free Wi-Fi, so the environment to eat delicious cinnamon rolls while working is solidly in place.

Roll on the go is until 11th June (Wednesday). Please note that sales are only available at Roppongi Store and are not sold at Haneda Airport Store.

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