A font that imagines a rose capable of directing a transcendent elegant atmosphere that can be used for free "Rose font"

Fonts are used for every thing if you look closely well from books and clothes to inside the PC screen, but fonts that imagined a rose that could produce a particularly elegant atmosphere among such fonts are "Rose font(Rosefont) ".

Rose font - BowlRoll

◆ How to install Rose font
To download "Rose font", click "Download" on the above link.

The downloaded ZIP file is referred to as "ExplzhDeploy with unpacking software such as ... ....

Click "rose_font.ttf".

Click "Install", installation of Rose font is completed. You will be able to enjoy the Rose font exactly with the installed PC.

◆ I actually used it
The Rose font corresponds to the alphabet of upper case letters and lower case letters, numbers, question marks, exclamation marks, and it does not correspond to Hiragana · katakana · kanji at the moment at the moment.

The lower case alphabet, "o" becomes a rose.

Even in uppercase alphabets "O" changed to a rose in the same way.

It is like a figure, exclamation point, or question mark. 0 · 6 · 8 ·? Is designed as a rose, and it seems impossible to distinguish between lowercase "o" uppercase "O" number "0".

"GIGAZINE" which is considerably elegant atmosphere than usual.

In addition, since Rose fonts are only used for doujinshi and movie use, secondary redistribution is only NG, and there is no description about usage for only Zakkuri, so if you say "There is something you really want to make using this font by all means" Person of@ Saba_NPPIt seems to be good to ask Mr. Direct.

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