Logo-like font of "K-on!" Free of charge for commercial use "Keio Fuh!

Popular four-frame cartoon made by Kaki Furai "K-ON!"Logo type created as a hint, free and commercially available fonts are"Keifu-cho!"is. It is said that there are no logo traces and so on, and it is said that the four letters of "け" "い" "お" "ん" are somewhat different from the actual logo, but the font is generally The image of "K-ON!" Is reproduced brilliantly with pop impression.

Free Pop Fonts "Keifu!

If you want to install and use fonts, click "K-Font! Download" at the top of the above page.

Click "Download".

Then click "OK".

Download the downloaded "keifont.zip" file to "ExplzhExtract it using "etc."

Click "keifont.ttf" in the decompressed file.

If you click "Install" you will be able to use "Keitaemon!"

"Full-length Hiragana," full-width katakana, "-" is the original design, but the others areSource nose gothicYaM + OUTLINE FONTS font,furtherGenji GothicOpen source fonts are used such as.

Full-width Hiragana and Full-width Katakana are both pop typefaces.

Typing like "K-on" with hiragana looks like this.

It reproduces the color scheme of green and red which managed the actual logo. There is no guitar figure in the letter of "O", but it is quite similar to the actual logo.

In addition, although it is said that "Keio Furan!" Is not restricted in particular for commercial use, please refrain from using in the scene hurting the honor of the hint "K-on!" We will do it, and the font isApache_License_2.0It is distributed in.

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