JapanSans slim Japanese font for free and commercially available

It is possible to display the specified font even if the font is not installed on the viewer's PCWeb fontis. When designing a website, the atmosphere given by which font to use is greatly influenced, but Japanese web fonts with a soft fluffy atmosphere corresponding to Kana letters (Hiragana / katakana), numbers, alphabets "JapanSans"is. You can freely choose the width of letters from 100% to 70%, and commercial use is also possible.

Free Japanese Web font JapanSans

JapanSans font is a Japanese web font that anyone can use for free including commercial use, and open source font family co-developed by Adobe and Google "Source nose gothic(Source Han Sans) ".

Numbers, alphabets, Kana characters (Hiragana / Katakana), OpenType, Truetype, eot, Woff recorded. The horizontal width of characters can be specified between 100% and 70%, but not equal width. Depending on how to use it, you can stuff more characters in a narrow space or arrange them with a space between characters to produce a magical atmosphere.

As Japanese fonts contain three types of hiragana / katakana / kanji, unlike English, file size tends to be large, but JapanSans has taken measures by subsetting only necessary letters. To set web fonts, as described on the site, specify the font file name and the path to the font file using CSS 3 @ font-face, then specify the font in the CSS to the part to apply the font It is shape.

How to set up Japanese web fonts - Free Japanese web fonts JapanSans

You can also use it as a printing font by downloading the font file and installing it on the PC.

◆ Sample of character width
If you specify the character width, the interval is as follows.

◆ Example works
Just posting a poster of a poster chic bagel with JapanSans has become a somewhat tasty atmosphere.

It is inferior even if it is on the menu on the cafe's website.

In addition, JapanSansApache License 2.0It complies with the license of.

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