Japanese font for logo creation that can be used for commercial purposes free of charge "Logo Tapu Gothic"

It features a sharp font for logos and a soft, elegant design that is kind and gentle, and a free font that has a slightly different texture than a general Gothic font is "Logo Tapu Gothic"is. It can be downloaded for free, and it can be freely used regardless of commercial or non-commercial use.

Free font logo Download Tapu Gothic | Font information. Open source safe free font

Logo Tapu It is based on Gothic that anyone can use it for free, start using personal use, use for commercial purposes, modify font content, redistribute after modificationM + FONTSIt is a font of existence which corresponds to M + FONTS derivation program that complements the character of M + FONTS to the character of hiragana and katakana which was originally created. As an overall design process, it is featured that the corners of the letters are slightly rounded.

Looking at the hiragana letters, it looks like this.

With a supple curve, it gives the reader a soft impression.

Even if it is furious, there is a soft atmosphere somewhere.

The impression of a fluffy appearance seems to be applicable to the logo of the shop.

It is such a half-width katakana.

The alphabet character seems to be the same as M + FONTS.

I also have a pop atmosphere overall.

Even when it is used for shops' logos etc., it will be a gentle impression by combining with soft colors.

By using it for a design that seems to be strong, you can also give a soft, slightly funny feeling of air.

It may be able to make the overall atmosphere soft by using it for printed matter.

It is perfect for catch phrase.

Download is done by clicking "download font" located in the middle of the page.

"Logo Tapu Gothic" with soft and gentle impression giving a refreshing overall impression is out of place in the formal, but it is a perfect font to use it in situations where it is too cheap in pop form It seems.

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