I tried six stylish Money Clips with a weave pattern of carbon fiber

In the site of GIGAZINE "Story topicsThe page is set up, but beforeLight weight / ultrathin wallet made of carbon fiberYaWorld's first carbon fiber output compatible 3D printerBecause it picks up carbon fiber products such as carbon fiber manufacturer's American manufacturer who manufactures money clip made "RC FibersFrom ", a story called" I will send the product if it's ok! "Entered. I was wondering what the money clip made from carbon fiber was like, so I sent you that and that.

RC Fibers: Carbon fiber products for men.

So I entered the parcel and carbon fiber products arrived.

I tried out everything. I ordered money clips, but I also had ballpoint pens and wallets.

First of all the smallest money clip "SlimFrom. The price is $ 24.99 (about 2500 yen).

Compared with iPhone 5, it is slightly larger than half. The vertical length of several kinds of money clips is almost the same.

You can see from the side that it is considerably diluted.

Weight is only 7 g in actual measurement.

You can carry around with collecting money with a size that fits in the palm with such feeling when 1000 yen yen bill is inserted. Unlike metallic money clips, it is distinctively lighter. All carbon fiber products are made of high quality Italian carbon fiber molded with epoxy resin.

Next is a bit broad "Veneer". The price is $ 21.99 (about 2200 yen).

It is a texture like plastic, but if you look closely it contains a nice netting pattern unique to carbon fiber.

Weight is 11 g.

I tried sandwiching 10,000 yen bills. Although it can not get caught in 1 or 2 sheets, if it is more than 4 or 5 sheets it will get caught quite catchingly and so it will not worry about coming off.

When trying to spread the place to pinch by hand, it is safe because it opens only a little even if you put quite some effort.

I took a wide width "Classic RC". The price is $ 29.99 (about 3000 yen).

It is about half the length compared to iPhone 5.

Weight is 8 g.

I got a 10,000 yen note. Japanese widgets that are wider than the dollar bills seem to match those of the wide width type.

A further unusual silver carbon fiber is $ 29.99 (about 3000 yen) "Silverback"And $ 35.99 (about 3650 yen)"El Hefe".

Weight is 10 g for Silverback and 11 g for El Hefe.

It is perfect for Japanese bills because it is the widest.

Because it is a size that you can put in your pocket with enough room, it is a useful item when your wallet is bulky.

I made a curved surface processing of the S shape to the toe "Double LockThe price is $ 35.99 (about 3650 yen).

The length of Double Lock is different from other things, about half of iPhone 5.

Weight is 13 g.

When I look from the side it is like this, how to use it ... ...

You can hold your bills on one side and carry it at the same time across cards on the other side.

I could just put it in my pocket.

Both bills and cards are caught securely, so there is not much worry that they will accidentally disengage when they are pulled out of their pockets.

Subsequently, what I was not asked was sent "Hybrid - Wallet-Money Clip Combo". The price is 25 dollars (about 2500 yen).

There is a storage pocket for bills and cards on the inside ... ...

The size is about a little smaller than iPhone 5.

Although this wallet has a metal clip and carbon fiber is not used, it is described on the product page that "Slim" mentioned above can be used by exchanging it with a metal clip.

Weight is 47 g with metal clip attached, weight can be reduced to 38 g by changing to Slim.

It is like this when we put cards between bills.

Because it is a dollar bill specification, it only protrudes a little, but ......

There is also a card pocket on the back side, it seems to be good for periodic and IC card insertion.

When I put it in my pocket ......

I entered completely. It's slim size enough to afford to put a ballpoint pen.

It was not a money clip, but a ballpoint pen with carbon fiber was also included. Although it seems that it is not currently being manufactured because the following products are not listed on the website, as a carbon fiber pen with lid it is $ 15.99 (about 1600 yen) and "Scholar"We sell.

It is longer than iPhone 5.

Weight is 37 g, and for pen, it is comparatively heavy.

Carbon fiber is used only for the grip part.

Turning the top and bottom of the pen in a different direction can take out the pen tip.

When I write a letter, the impression that the carbon fiber of the grip part comes surprisingly to the hand. If you like carbon fiber, I'd like to have one.

In addition there is a tie pin in the white bagThe VIP Carbon Fiber Tie ClipIt was in. The price is $ 29.99 (about 3000 yen).

Money clips made from carbon fiber are all very light, but tie pins are particularly small, so they do not even feel the feeling that they put on their hands.

Weight is only 2 g in actual measurement.

Actually wearing it on a tie will look like this.

It is perfect as a tie pin because it is light and firmly caught, but because it looks like a plastic, it seems difficult to get in a formal place ....

What I was sorry was that when I removed it from the necktie, things like black soot had adhered. "Carbon fiber is really charcoal ... ..." and admiring that the necktie was hit by dirty sorrow.

Of course black lines on shirts too. This is because the surface of all products are processed to make it slippery, but the fragments at both ends are cut off. Money clips also have some black stains on bills in some products, so we want you to apply processing to all sides ... ....

In addition, these products are on sale on the RCFibers website below.

Products - RCFibers

Also, since June 27, 2014, in addition to the above products, we have launched the Kickstarter project of carbon fiber made by Saifu, you can see the details from the following page or make a contribution.

RCFibers Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallets by Jon Melvin - Kickstarter

Products that are seeking investment can also be tagged with a money clip wearing a D16 with a card wallet "D16" made of carbon fiber and "D15" which wears a carbon fiber made money clip in a leather wallet I can do it.

The products that you can get for each investment are as follows, and $ 10 (about 1000 yen) will be added as a shipping charge for investment from outside the United States.
· $ 35 (about 3500 yen):D15 × 1 (first come, first 250 people)
· $ 45 (about 4500 yen):D15 × 1
· $ 50 (about 5000 yen):D16 × 1 (first come, first 250 people)
· $ 60 (about 6000 yen):D16 × 1 + Money Clip (first-come, first 250 people)
· $ 60 (about 6000 yen):D16 × 1
· $ 70 (about 7000 yen):D15 × 2
· $ 70 (about 7000 yen):D16 × 1 + Money Clip × 1

The deadline for investment is Japan time and it is until 7:20 AM on Monday, August 11, 2014.

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