"Men's pose data collection" which can trace poses and wrinkles at the moment of wearing armband and suit

Writing materials of wrinkles of poses and clothes, which will be helpful when drawing manga and illustrations, is open to the public for "Men's pose collection"is. "Two people playing while leaning against the wall" "Various poses, angles, processed photographs released for each theme such as" wearing and taking off the suit's coat from the side "and" removing the blood vessel " It is easy to use as a reference material when drawing illustrations because it is torable.

Boys pose.com | Tresible Photos Men's Pose Material Collection

Pictures of each pose were juxtaposed on the top page.

When you click on the pose "Craze the arm, raise the sleeve, and remove the button" ......

This page is displayed.

As you scroll, you can see the pictures of men who skillfully see from various poses and angles.

Besides normal images, there was also a high contrast image.

Also black and white images are ants. Since the appearance and texture of wrinkles are different depending on the image, it can be used not only for drawing but also for coloring work.

Click on each image to display enlarged image.

As you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see related poses, so let's see "Two people playing while leaning against the wall".

Photographs taken from various angles, such as from the left, from the front of the right knee, from the top, and so on.

High contrast image looks something like this. Some of them came close to one man and shot.

Black and white image.

There is also an image which cut out only part of the body. Below is the arms that the blood vessels emerge.

Various things like opening and grasping the palm.

The irregularities are somewhat inconspicuous if the contrast is adjusted.

Black and white.

There are five categories, "Mannequin", "Body Part", "Movie", "Sit", "Stand Up", "Together", "Together", "Take a Hand in a Pocket" "Shirt" "Upper Right" "Front".

Only the image of the upper mannequin is in the "Mannequin" category.

You can also watch the material with a movie.

The image list looks something like this.

There are currently two types of "body parts" categories, "feet of footwear, footwear for leather shoes" and "arms protruding from blood vessels".

The movie is "Walking foot seen from the ground, running feet, leather shoes" "Shave the beard with the sink", "Two people drinking water of the PET bottle" "Wearing and removing the suit's coat from the side" 4 type.

A movie of "pose of taking off / undoing suits from sideways" published on YouTube is like this.

Put on and take off suit jacket from sideways / take off - YouTube

In the "sit" category there are "two people playing board games at the desk face to face", "Yankee sitting (cargo pants, polo shirt)" "two people playing games while holding a cushion" "two playing games while leaning against the wall" Four kinds.

There are the most materials in the "stand up" category, and there are also the most documents, such as "take off your clothes, wear a shirt", "walking feet seen from the ground, running feet, leather shoes" etc, which was also in the movie category and " There was an image material such as "pose adding use in the toilet" and "2 people standing with his hands in the pocket (shirt / necktie)".

I made a websiteManga. The male pose data collection is stillIn productionHowever, I am aiming for a photo shoot meeting once a month, and I will take pictures that respond to requests as far as the budget permits. You can also send a pause request from the following page.

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Although images on the site can be freely used regardless of commercial use or personal use, selling products such as using photographs as they are for websites or works, or using photographs It is prohibited.

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