Big hit business book "Animation Dora" plush toys & figures, anime as well as Minami-chan, as well as Yuki, Bunno also appeared

We sold over 1 million copies in 6 months from releaseAnime with NHKA business book that is also being aired "If high school baseball girls manager read Drucker's "management" (abbreviation: Dora)"Figures and stuffed animalsThe 24th Prize FairIt was exhibited in the venue.

Minato's real life figure appeared. In addition, we have a bit of a bold posing of all the girls' manager's stuffed animals.

"Dora" plush toys & figures covering all the girls' manager of the high baseball club are from the following. In the corner of the Sega Prize booth, "Dora" related goods were placed.

Minami's stance is impressive "Dora PM figure" will be released in August 2011.

It feels like it is closer to the animation "if Dora" if it says rather.

The flipped portion of the skirt has been successfully reproduced.

There are two people lineup of "Karajima Minami and Hojo Fumino" lineup scheduled to appear in November 2011, "Dora EX Figure First round", but from the product name, the third girls manager, Miyata Yuki and other characters It is likely to appear.

Minami who had "Dora" book in both hands why.

Fumino is a gentle expression and pose.

"Doracute size plush toy" will also appear in November 2011 as well as the figure above.

There are two kinds of Minami-chan.

"Dora" books are finished like a cloth picture book made with applique and felt.

A version that opens his mouth and is laughing. I do not have accessories in particular.

Evening evening admitted to the hospital in this volume, this uniform appeared in uniform.

As there are also Bunno, all the members of the high baseball team girls manager can be realized. While feeling like there is no way to make a stuffed animal, I'm a little bit disappointed at the opening leg pose with a bold sailor suit ... ...

Because there are things under supervision in the above lineup, the design may differ from when appearing at the game center or commercial facility.

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