The ideal Kirino that Kyosuke had in his dream also appeared, "My sister can not be this cute" figures

Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]I found this at the company booth in the venue, "My sister can not be this cute" figure.

There are many places where Kirino and black cats are exhibited in pairs, and we can see the popularity of both characters. Besides Kyosuke 's dream of seeing black hair and Bizena in maid outfit, some kind of strange thing also appeared.

Pictures of Kirino and Kuro cat on parade are as follows. First of allAZONE INTERNATIONALFrom the booth, "Takasaka Kirino Kyosuke's Dream Ver." (12000 yen including tax). The ideal sister Kyosuke dreamed of in the first episode was made into a doll.

"Takasaka Kirino Smile Ver." (12000 yen including tax)

"Black Cat" to be released in June 2011 (12600 yen including tax)

next"WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU !! 13In the booth, Nendoroid's Kirino and black cat. "Takasaka Kirino" released in February 2011 (3500 yen including tax). Nendoroid peculiar cheek shape and Tongno's face are exquisitely matched.

"Black cat" scheduled to be released in April 2011 (3500 yen including tax).

Crying bokuro was also perfectly reproduced.

Two people are real life stuff here.

"Takasaka Kirino" (2800 yen including tax). It is scheduled to be released in May 2011.

According to the comments of the producer written on the panel, it seems to have been hard to make the arm arms naturally.

"Black Cat" to be released in July 2011 (price unknown)

Although it is a small-sized figure, it is stuck to details such as separating the arm and the sleeve of the clothes separately without separating them.

From hereTakara Tomy Artsbooth. We mainly deal with premiums of rushing and exhibited goods "My sister can not be this cute" good.

"Visual holder" (1 piece 200 yen) which has all 6 kinds of all 5 types + secret 1 type

Saori · Bazina, who is doing a maid cosplay at a whore.

Kirino is full of confidence in standing.

A black cat that is spoiling for a while.

There was also Kanosuke 's childhood friend Asana.

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