Girl type battle robot appearing in "Persona 3" "Dimensional movable color Aigis complete version" and "Hatsune Miku and Hachubane" Wonder showcase No. 22 period

"The spirit unique to the garage kit (spirituality)" that continues to be a model that can be overwhelmingly done more than anything else "that the Wonder Festival is expanding in scale and becoming forgotten as public awareness gets higher It was founded to resurrectWonder Showcase.

It is just "garage kit version" star birth "that one festival produces outstanding garage kit producers,Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]Is the 22nd term, and Sea's "Hatsune Miku and Hatune"Mr. Dibadi"Dimension movable color Aegis complete version"Treasure, Justice's unit popstick! by"Nodamiki & Kyojo Color Sentai ver."The three works are selected.

The work of three works inheriting the spirit of the early one festival is from the following.Wonder Showcase Officail Web Site

Wonder showcase booth. Staff of One Fest will also sell.

"Hatsune Miku and Hachubane" have not arrived yet.

"Dimension movable color Aigis complete version". There are two body of head, chest, arm armor wearing version and uninstalled version. A work like Mr. Dybady who showed off his head with a fetish preference of "female robot lover".

Aegis is a seemingly ordinary female character, but Atlas game"Persona 3"A girl type battle robot appearing in the game. Like a horse, the knee joint is in the opposite direction, and the image of the so-called "inverse joint robot" is incorporated.

Version without armor

When wearing armor comes a feeling like a mecha.

"Dimension movable color Aigis complete version" is attached to various parts and is 6800 yen.

"Nodama Miki & Kyojo Color Sentai Ver."

Nodamiki and Kyoje are TV anime "GA Art Department Art Design ClassTwo of the leading protagonists who appear in "

Mr. Nodamiki made by Mr. Treasure

Kyogu is produced by Justice.

"Nodamiki & Kyojo Color Sentai ver." Is 6800 yen.

"Hatsune Miku and Hachubane" arrived. Mr. Sea of ​​the producer himself appears on hand.

I will introduce myself to a showcase.

Installation completed. It is a very elaborate work.

You can see whichever angle you see, you will find that the perfection of every part is high.

"Hatsune Miku and Hachubane" is 6800 yen.

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