"Game animation 3D pose" review of girls' movements from 360 degrees omnidirectional pose for review

I draw illustrations and manga, "I want to write such a pose but there are no pictures that I can refer to and there are limitations in various ways to do it by myself ... ..." when you fall into a troubled situation A useful application is "Animation 3D pose"is. A movement of a 3D model girl walking, running, shy and fighting, etc. is played with animation, the pose can be confirmed from 360 degrees omnidirection, it becomes possible to pause at the moment "This is it!" It is.

Anime 3D Pose - Google Play Android App

You can check the girls moving in "3D pose" from various directions, and see the slow play & pause of the pose from the following movie.

"Anime is a 3D pose" that you can see a moving girl from 360 degrees in all directions - YouTube

"Animation 3D pose" is 220 yen on Google Play. First tap on the display of the price to install.

Purchase ... ....

Click "Open" to start the application.

The screen just after startup looks like this, a girl in white swimwear standing under the spotlight. Since the 3D model is being played by animation, there is movement, and even in an upright pose, poses and facial expressions change little by little.

If you scroll the screen around with your fingers, you can see the girl's 3D model from various directions. The state seen from the right side ......



You can also look up from the bottom.

Looking from above it looks like this.

You can zoom in and out by pinching in and pinch out the screen.

There is a person icon at the bottom left of the screen, from which you can choose girl costumes.

Sailor suit and ... ...

Gym clothes


Pants & jacket style

Knitted dress


There are 8 types of costumes and all in judo wear.

You can also change to a simple monochrome model by pressing the icon next to the number.

To change the pose, tap the film icon after pressing the second play button from the left.

The pose is divided into four categories: Static (Blue), Dynamic (Yellow), Down (Green), Fight (Orange).

For example, if you choose "Pose 2" out of "Static", girls will crawl.

Looking from the bottom like this. Static = Since it is a static pose, there are few movements, but the facial expression is gradually changing.

I chose "Kick 4" out of "Fight". A girl who puts a center of gravity on the left foot ... ...

I will pull out the kicks vigorously. At this time, the animation is played automatically, but you can slowly move or pause the motion from the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

Also, if you select "Damage 6" out of "Fight", the girls will lie behind as if they were hit by the opponent.

At this time, the position of the camera can be changed from the icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Try placing the camera somewhat down ... ...

It is convenient to check the pose of the model from various angles when trying to put it on.

When you hold the screen vertically, when you say that the model can not be overlooked, it is easier to see if you lie down.

In addition, turn off the light at your feet ...

It is also possible to add a grid.

By tapping the camera icon at the top right of the screen, you can save the pose in the terminal.

If you do not want to accidentally touch the display and change the pose, you can lock it.

You can also change the direction and color of the lighting.

Strengthening the lighting from the right side ...

Change colors.

So, I made various poses with various costumes. Below is salute with a blazer.

You can also change the background color. A half-standing pose in a bathing suit.

Jump in gym clothes.

Waiting for a kiss on a knit dress.

A shameful pose with a sailor suit.

Roll kicking with a sailor suit.

The pose of defeat with a sailor suit.

Just by changing the background color and lighting, the stereoscopic feeling and the atmosphere change steadily.

I can not move arms and legs freely, but it is very convenient to cut out a certain moment of a moving girl or to advance and return a little time from that moment. In the poses collection of still images and pictures, it is also useful to draw comics and illustrations, as well as checking how to shake the skirt and how to snap the ponytail.

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