Kaoru Hanayama of "Baki" is the designation color Keisuke Itagaki "Famous Standing (Otomachi)"

Popular manga serialized in boys' champion "Naga BakiKaoru Hanayama from "Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]It appeared in figures. In the pose of the name scene "Famous Standing (Otakodachi)", there is also a version that the original creator Keisuke Itagaki wrapped in a red-colored shirt color, and it is content that can not be missed if it is a fan.RDF / Kaoru Hanayama Hanayama Kaoru Itagaki Keisuke Designated Color - Figure Mail order | Spiderweb.jp

Hanayama figure is on saleSpider webWhenDiveIn the joint booth of the exhibition, the poster of the figures series "Nominator Baki desperately wanted" poster was stamped on the original cartoon "Rima Baki".

Hanayama and Baki figures are on exhibition.


"Demon face" has not appeared, but reproduces the unique spine.

Kaoru Hanayama. A pose of "Standing-in-a-shoulder" spreading his hands widely.

This is the red shirt version of Keikosuke Itagaki designated color.

There was also an achromatic version limited to one festival.

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