I got on the A330 of Skymark whose repeated introduction was postponed such as controversy by miniska

Safety issues and short A330 campaign clothes etc. Skymark postponed postponementAirbus A330-300It was finally introduced between Haneda - Fukuoka on Saturday, June 14. The skymark airline is drunk with price competition with LCC and it is entering a transformation period, and the crew of A330 and mini skirt introduced this time are new attempts to appeal the new sky mark. Green seat which relaxed relaxing seat was introduced, we wanted to experience ride feeling in fact so we boarded.

About the start date of operation of Airbus A330 aircraft

Notice on A330 campaign clothes

Scheimark Airbus A330 - 300 aircraft start date is determined ~ From April 18th to "Haneda - Fukuoka Line" ~

Arrived at the boarding counter at Haneda Airport. The place is the 1st end of North Wing of Terminal 1.

Haneda - Fukuoka flight of A330 that was introduced today departs from gate number 19.

I will receive the ticket and go through the security inspection site.

The 19th gate walks a little inside the airport because it is on the edge of the North wing.

Proceed to the right on the security inspection site, walk twice on the moving walkway, to the left.

Despite having arrived about an hour before boarding time, there were many people already.

Most of the people standing at the window is like a press.

Looking at Gate 19 ... ...

About 1 hour ago, it was scheduled to depart on time.

When waiting at the window, Airbus A330-300 appears.

TractorHe is pulling an airplane.

Shake the aircraft to the left with big turn ......

Go straight. The top of the T-shaped orange line is the stop position.

Stop it tight.

The airplane and the boarding bridge were connected.

A cabin attendant who wore a short length A330 campaign clothes appeared for a while after the airplane appeared.

I walked beside the gate ... ...

Apparently I seem to have made a wrong place.

A cabin crew member passed through the press's shutter.

Slightly confused in front of the gate.

The flight attendant boarded the A330 about 30 minutes before the departure time.

A lot of reporters were gathered in front of the gate.

There was an announcement with a delay of about 20 minutes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

At around 7:40 on the scheduled departure time, guidance to the aircraft began.

Pass through automatic ticket gates,Boarding bridgeWalking ... ...

Sky markShinichi NishikuboPresident welcomes you.

I get on board the plane.

Looking at the campaign clothes of the cabin crew, the length was rather short.

The interior is like this. Since it is brand new, it has a unique smell similar to new cars.

All seats are green seats, light green and unified.

It looks like this when shooting in the direction of travel. The liquid crystal display is not attached behind the seat.

The flight attendant was guiding the inside of the cabin by six people.

The shape of the window etc is the same as ordinary airplane.

Looking at the seat from the side, it looks like this. There is a thickness on the back and somewhat.

Press the button next to the seat ......

Reclining the legs ... ...

You can beat the back part.

Feels feeling good so far.

There is a power supply beside the seat, enabling power supply and charging of personal computers and mobile phones

The inside of the flight before takeoff was somewhat flapping.

When the flight attendant stops the shelf above the seat ......

Because the height position of the clothes will rise, I pulled and returned the position many times.

Instantly, I quickly closed the baggage shelf and was preparing for departure.

When the cabin crew finished closing the shelf, before announcing departure, an announcement was made to "turn off all electronic equipment". We tightened the seat belt, safety confirmation was done, guidance of emergency of gesture by cabin crew, etc. was done.

About 20 minutes later than scheduled time after take off for about 30 minutes "sign belt worn sign" disappeared, electronic equipment can be used.

I will put out a table from the side of the seat.

The table is foldable and when opened it looks like this.

There was a pamphlet in front of the seat.

Newsletter · Advertisement of Skymark · Information on in-flight sales · Bookmark of safety · Etiquette bag was caught.

Drinks sold in-flight were from 100 yen including tax, beer was also 200 yen including tax and it was quite reasonable price setting.

A flight attendant came to on-board sales.

I tried ordering coffee, but operation was busy on the first day of launch, there was no offer. After a few days it should be calm and be available for ordinary purchase.

A short cabin attendant is attracting attention, and the photographs of reporters are overheated.

It seemed that it was always filmed.

While doing so, the wearing sign of the seatbelt turned on and an announcement took "turn off all electronic equipment". The cabin crew worked refunds to customers who were unable to provide drinks.

The aircraft landed off the plane with a delay of 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

Since introduction of A330 was the first day, there was a part thought as "?" Regarding in-flight service, but the ride feeling of the green seat was good, I did not feel too tired. Current situation Although this seat is only for domestic flights, it seems to be pretty good if it is introduced on an international flight with a long flight time.

Skymark A330 currently operates only between Haneda and Fukuoka. The price is 22,500 yen including tax with ordinary fare and you can purchase tickets at 8700 yen including tax if you book SKY Bargain 60 before boarding 60 days in advance. The normal fare between major airline Haneda and Fukuoka is around 40,000 yen including tax, but it is quite cheap compared to those, so it is recommended for people who are particular about price and quality.

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