"Mariko even from the sky" Peach's Mariko Shinoda Design aircraft announcement repo

From today Sunday, October 27th (Sunday)Peach · Aviation(Peach) will bring the Osaka (Kansai) - Tokyo (Narita) line, which will become the first metropolitan area route. Early in the morning before the departure of the first flight at 7:10, for the press in the hangar at Kansai International Airport "Mariko-sama" Original AKB48Mariko ShinodaMr. Design's special paint finisher was released, so I saw it ahead of time.

[PDF] Finally decided to open the Osaka (Kansai) - Tokyo (Narita) line to the metropolitan area

The state of the aircraft released on that day is here. Familiar to Peach, made by AirbusA 320-200It is a type machine.

On the aft part of the aircraft, photographs of Mariko Shinoda's face are wrapped large.

The character "MARIKO JET" is in the front part of the fuselage and just under the cockpit. This was done by PeachNominated public offeringIt is a name chosen from among those sent to.

Mariko Shinoda who wrapped herself in a suit he / she designed is appearing.

Pose in front of the aircraft where her face was printed. Mariko Shinoda who appears as Peach authorized CA on this initial flight will also board the first flight of Osaka (Kansai) - Tokyo (Narita) flight departing from this time.

He also decided "Peach pose" with Peach's CA.

The special painting machine is planned to be launched not only to Osaka (Kansai) - Tokyo (Narita) routes, but also to all routes including overseas routes in the future. From now on, it seems that you can see this figure in different destinations.

Although it is still an airport that is enveloped in darkness, the aircraft leaving the hangar has headed to Terminal 2 where passengers wait.

Later, we will update the state of the ceremony ceremony held at Terminal 2 so please look forward to it.

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Peach's "Osaka - Tokyo" Ceremony Commemorative Ceremony and First Printing Departure Repo - GIGAZINE

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