It will respond to orders that Amazon will deploy as many as 10,000 robots in the warehouse

Amazon, robot manufacturers in 2012Kiva SystemsFor about $ 755 million (about 76.3 billion yen), deploying a network robot that moves around automatically within its own distribution center,automationWe are promoting conversion. Amazon's Jeff Bezos CEO will increase the number of robots running at the logistics center to 10,000 in order to quickly process increasing orders at the general shareholders' meeting held on May 21, 2014 We announced that.

Army of robots to invade Amazon warehouses - May. 22, 2014

CNNMoneyAccording to the contents reported, writing the article Currently, there are 1,000 robots in operation at Amazon logistics center in all. Mr. Bezos's announcement will be deployed as scheduled as planned, about ten times the number of robots presently being deployed. In preparation for the increased number of robots, we are worried about reducing headcount, but Amazon spokesperson said, "There are no impacts on current employers due to the increased number of robots."


So, what kind of robot is introduced by Amazon can be confirmed from the following movie in detail.

Kiva Systems Warehouse Automation at Quiet Logistics - YouTube

This warehouse is not Amazon's, it is owned by Kiva Systems. The state of the robot running around as narrowing the inside of the warehouse is exactly the future itself.

A lot of products are stored in the warehouse, and the size of the robot is also reduced since the passage is narrowed.

Although it is hard to see in the image, there is a line on the floor, and the robot senses this line and understands "where is what".

A robot piled up with a number of goods moves along a narrow passage.

At the same time that the order content is sent to the employee, the content of the order is sent to all the robots, and the robot brings the commodity ordered to the employee.

Employees take out the goods the robot brought ... ...

Just scan it and fix it in place.

Even if a large number of orders come in at once, multiple robots will bring the goods for each order, so the work will be faster.

Although packaging of goods is not translated by robot, it becomes manual work, but thanks to the robot it is possible to reduce personnel expenses, which means that less burdensome work will be done.

If Amazon introduces 10,000 robots, work is expected to be dramatically more efficient. It is noteworthy whether future delivery speed, which is said to be phenomenal by Amazon, will be faster or future development.

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It is clear that in December 2014, 15,000 robots have already been deployed.

Amazon introduced warm-up robots 15,000 units to reduce labor costs by up to 100 billion yen - GIGAZINE

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