Amazon gigantic warehouse tour movie that tracked until it was shipped by Amazon was shipped

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Amazon has a huge warehouse all over the world for product management, using millions of people and robot technology to organize millions of orders everyday. In such a warehouse, the movie chasing what kind of path it is following until picking up the item ordered by the user until getting on the truck "Amazon tour: What happens after you place that order"Is on sale.

Amazon tour: What happens after you place that order - YouTube

Amazon's huge warehouse in Coppell, Texas is just built in 2013 and its structure is similar to the Haslet warehouse in Texas, but the Coppel warehouse deals with large items such as TV and camp goods .

In the vicinity of the commodity shelf, cardboards for packing are also placed in piles.

The Coppel warehouse is about 1 million square feet (about 93,000 square meters), and more than 900 full-time employees work day and night alternately.

Firstly, the robot "Robo-Stow" equipped with a yellow huge arm like a crane car.

Insert the arm under the goods on the pallet ... ...

I lift it upstairs.

Orange machine moving swiftly by putting product shelves is developing a warehouse robot "Amazon Robotics"Pickup machine made.

When the shelf at the left end goes forward ......

Kuru and change direction.

Then it moved to the right side.

This pickup machine can carry 3000 pounds (about 1.4 tons) items on the top.

Only the machine part changes direction with kurukuru, and carries goods with each shelf.

By reading the DataMatrix code installed on the floor, it is possible to automatically recognize the direction of travel and move smoothly.

Furthermore, the pickup machine is moving in the warehouse without hitting each other by mounting a motion sensor that detects the motion of surrounding objects.

These pickup machines carry the goods to the packing station which packs.

At the packing station, pressing the machine button ......

A mechanism in which only the necessary amount of tape for packing comes out.

We will box the goods carried by the robot into cartons manually.

Here is a cushioning material machine to fill the cardboard skimmer.

Packed cardboard will be carried to a place called "slum line" to check the luggage. "Slum" seems to be the initial name of Scan (confirm), Label & Apply (labeling), Manifest (shipment).

First of all, check with your eyes whether there is any problem with your baggage.

Move the long conveyor ......

In the label machine paste the address of the shipping destination and the name of the payee to the box.

This is organizing so that cardboard will not clog on the conveyor.

And baggage will be carried to the truck.

Cardboard is tightly bound to the ceiling on the truck bed.

The person in charge of loading puts the baggage without skimpy enough to comment "It seems that it is playing Tetris as if it is just", and it is shipped to each purchaser.

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