Sneak into Amazon's warehouse, the state of employees and workplaces are being released in movies

A reporter who hidden his identity and infiltrated the Amazon warehouse said that the self that can escape from the Amazon warehouse at his own will be "happiness"Talked aboutBut, in fact, what is the Amazon warehouse, Polish mediaWTK PLAYHas released a state in the warehouse in the movie.

WTK PLAY - największa telewizja internetowa w wielkopolsce

The state of the warehouse can be seen from the following movie.

A huge Amazon warehouse written as "east entry".

It is security check that waits for employees after entering inside. Please note that this security check has to go not only when you arrive at your work place but also after lunch and after breaks.

People who hold the card over the machine.

I held employee ID cards and recorded working hours.

Employees quickly head towards the workplace.

First I picked up a hand scanner. In the Amazon warehouse there is an employee with the role of gathering the desired product, "Picker", using the scanner, "Where can I pick up the target product?" "In what seconds should I go to the place I wanted?" confirm.

So it sneaks into the warehouse.

The numbered shelves are lined up.

A man walking by pushing a yellow cart.

Ladies also have a cart and wandering.

Some employees are working towards the monitor.

Products are slick at hand. Maybe you're looking at the shelves that put these items side by side.

A man who moves with a cart with close-packed items.

Some people are moving in the warehouse on electric carts.

Next time to a place like supermarket checkout.

The numbered carts are lined up.

I am reading the bar code attached to the product taken out from the box.

Check the monitor ......

I will pack items into carts. It seems that you are preparing to arrange the items that arrived at the warehouse on the shelf.

Goods tightly packed in carts.

This time to the space where a lot of cardboard is lined up.

The used cardboard boxes will be carried by the conveyor.

There was also a corrugated box that broke into velvety.

On arriving, a man working hand-picked cardboard.

This time there are plenty of metal shelves lined up.

A woman holding a scanner in one hand walks between the shelves.

Products line up on the shelves as they are narrowed. This metal shelf says "In the winter, sparks that can be seen by the eyes cause static electricity"It might be a shelf.

An employee who pushes a black cart different from the yellow cart at the beginning of the movie ......

There was also a male employee picking up items from the shelf.

This time instead of cardboard, a yellow plastic box will be carried by the conveyor.

Black box as well.

There are items in the feeling as follows.

The conveyor is quite long and I can not see the end.

And to another workshop.

Here, it seems that the packing of goods is done manually.

Pull out Kraft paper out of a cylindrical case ... ...

I will pack it in a box. From the place where the blue shirt men are watching, it seems to be a new staff who is training.

This woman is assembling cardboard.

Machine will take out paper tape as needed ...

I will stick the tape to the box and the petri.

Packed boxes will be carried on the conveyor.

Tires are installed on the conveyor ... ...

There was also a box to change direction.

The petit and the slip are mechanically pasted ... ...

It flows further, and it is loaded into the transportation truck.

Looking at the interior of the plant from above, it looks like this.

Conveyor is stretched ... ...

Work is proceeding around that.

In the factory "work hard. Have fun. (Working well, have fun)"

A slogan "make history." Was mentioned.

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