I have been eating "summer-like ingredients and seasoned noodles" Three Fried Rice Bowl & Ginger Dale Rose Pork Tambourine "

Buddha from May 29 th (Thursday) for summer, put a little rare tempura "Three fried fried rice bowls"And three large roast meat"Ginger dahlose pork bowl (with eggs with semi-ripe egg)We released the. I went to a shop to taste rare tempura such as sky and cold and pork of stamina menu.

From May 29 th (Thursday) only early summer limited menu 2 items New release wrapped in large leaves · sandwiched with tofu · snacks of sky Tennis and original "three fried fried bowls" Summer is the best meat bowl! "Ginger dahlose pork bowl"

Arrived at Tenya.

After entering the store, I sat down at the table and found a new menu that started today.

I will order three different fried bowls and ginger dahlose pork bowl (with eggs with half-baked egg).

Waiting In less than 10 minutes two kinds of new bowl of rice arrived.

Three fried deep-fried bowls (790 yen including tax) is a summer-like bowl with summer fried bean curd, tofu scissors fried, coarse ground tuna patch wrapped with big leaves.

The bean knob frying is light green and transparent.

Tofu scissors fried used cold.

Coarse Tuna Roll Tatami Large leaf wrapping is slightly green.

Shrimp, large-sized dish and classic ingredients are also included.

Taste of bean knobs is the taste itself of boiled and eaten soybeans, summer-like taste. Because the taste of pretty bean paste is dense, people who are not good at taste and scent may wish to apply a little sauce.

Tofu 's scissors fried tofu has soy sauce, ginger and chopped onion leaves in the middle and you can feel the taste like warm but cold. Tofu had somewhat hardness.

Roast Tuna Tatting Although the deep-fried tofu is fried in oil, the fragrance of the leaves remains firmly and the compatibility with the tuna is also good.

Shrimp, big squid, eggplant was unchanged quality.

The price of ginger dahlose pork bowl (with a half-baked egg) is 690 yen including tax.

First of all, I will post a separate appetizer of eggs.

It is completed.

In ginger daileose pork dumpling, a large soaked in salt kojiYuan HogThree pieces of loin are on it.

Sauce was burnt in the fried clothes and it was burnt.

The grated ginger is also included.

Atmosphere like hot spring egg rather than ripe egg.

Pork loin seems to be used a little sweet soy sauce, the ginger taste is working and different things from those of the bowl of rice bowl are used. There are not many cases other than tonkatsu for fried pork in oil, but the taste of pigs does not run away, it feels good. Three sheets of 30 grams of loin are on, so the volume is enough.

When eating with grated ginger, it turned into a tangy spicy. Because you can change the taste, you can eat without getting tired.

Finally we try to eat pork loin with half-round eggs.

Feeling that the eggs of eggs get entangled in swine loins. Since we can enjoy the change of taste, we recommend that you put on it unless you dislike half-round egg. The price was felt at a reasonable price.

Three fried deep fried bowls will be sold until Wednesday, July 9, and ginger dahlose pork bowl will be sold until July 2 (Wednesday). The second bowl of the roast pork bowl and the third sale of the bowl are planned, and the next is the schedule of kimchi taste.

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